Monday, 5 October 2015

A Blazing Hot EDM Track From Hardwell

Follow Me
Single by Hardwell; featuring Jason Derulo
(Photo credit: Revealed Recordings)
From experience, I can admit to you, that Hardwell is quite impressive when it comes to producing great-sounding electronic dance music.

One of the dance tracks that I like from this famous Dutch DJ is: Follow Me; which features the American singer, Jason Derulo.

This progressive house track was once at number 26 on the Australian Singles Chart.

The song, Follow Me, is perfect for parting to or to simply play loudly on your stereo at home (It is one of those dance tracks that would get your body moving rhythmically to it).

Without father ado, here is the official video for Hardwell's, Follow Me; which features the impressive-sounding vocals of Jason Derulo. Enjoy!

I Love Disclosure's "Magnets"

Single by Disclosure; featuring Lorde
(Photo credit: Island Records)
Once again, I am positively surprised by Disclosure; this time around, the British electronic music duo is steaming up the airwaves and the clubs with their infectious-sounding dance hit, Magnets; which is a jaw-dropping deep house track from off of their second studio album, Caracal.

Also, I am pleased to know that the beautiful New Zealander, Lorde was chosen to do the vocals on this track.

You have got to love Disclosure because they always make you move every time with their well-put-together dance music.

By the way, the song, Magnets, was written by Guy Lawrence, Howard Lawrence, James Napier and Ella Yelich O'Connor and it was produced by Disclosure.

The song, Magnets, was once at number 20 on the UK Dance Chart.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here is the official video for Disclosure's, Magnets; featuring Lorde. Enjoy! 

So Much For Effortless Blogging

(Photo credit: Pixabay)
We bloggers know that our blog posts do not write themselves; we have to make an effort to get them done (And, there are bloggers who hate that aspect of blogging; because of the fact that it can be quite challenging at times).

Also, writing is only one aspect of blogging; there is the photography, the formatting, the necessary research behind a good blog post, etcetera.

No matter how good that we think we are as bloggers, blogging will always make us wonder, "Can I really pull it off this time?"

The Competitive Mode

There are a lot of bloggers who feel that they are competing in the area of getting the attention of readers on the world wide web.

And, why do they think that?

Because, they know that the blogosphere is large and that almost every blogger is fighting hard to get a piece of the proverbial pie.

If you have chosen a niche, most likely you would like to be at least one of the top ten bloggers within your chosen niche (And, my goodness, you are always trying your best to make that happen).

Now, although I am not the type of person who blogs to compete with my fellow bloggers, I do feel as though that I am competing with my own self at times.

Sounds crazy, right?

Okay, in a way it is.

What is the reason behind all of this?

In my case, I am always making a conscientious effort to do better than I did the last time and some of you could relate to the idea of doing your personal best.

It is a sad fact, that if we are not competing with others, we are competing with ourselves.

Apparently, no one blogs merely for the sake of blogging anymore.

What Happened To The Concept Of Blogging For The Fun Of It?

The truth is, a large percentage of personal bloggers do post for the fun of it; since they are not into competing with their fellow bloggers, or are in a secret competitive match with their own self.

After all, competitive blogging is seldom fun (Unless you love the idea of outdoing your fellow bloggers, or your own self).

When it comes to blogging, fun is an important element; because when an activity is fun to do, you would quicker find yourself doing it on a regular basis.

And, in most cases, if a person no longer sees blogging as fun, they end up abandoning their blog.

So, wouldn't it be in our best interest to see that blogging remains as a fun-filled activity for us?

I certainly think so!

I genuinely believe that blogging should be fun for us and not some type of chore that we need to get done.

Is blogging still fun for you?

Please see to it that blogging is fun for you, because if is not, it is going to require lots of effort on your behalf to get it done (And, that sort of thing would feel like punishment).

Learning Is Always Involved

The majority of bloggers know that when it comes to blogging, there is still lots to be learned.

When you first entered into blogging, you were probably naive; you did not know much about blogging, or the blogosphere; but as time went along, your knowledge of those things grew.

It took a lot of effort on your behalf to learn about SEO, effective networking and attracting readers to your blog and as time goes along, you would learn even more.

As far as I am concerned, a blogger who is not making the effort to learn all they can about blogging is wasting his or her time.

It Takes A Lot Of Effort To Find Out What Works For You

Many bloggers have given a lot of effort into finding out what works for them (One of the biggest ironies is, that what works well for another blogger might be ineffective for you; hence the constant experimentation to deduce what truly works for you).

Long-form content might be the ideal thing for your blog, while another blogger's audience would prefer to peruse short-form content (So, it all depends on one's audience).

In Closing

Although blogging might be easy for some people, it still requires that they put out some effort of their own.

There is a lot of work that goes into blogging that the reader does not know about; for example: a blogger may have chosen to edit his or her article four times before uploading it to their blog.

In reality, effortless blogging is a myth.

In my case, writing comes easily; but there are times when I would prefer to sleep instead of write; therefore it takes a lot of effort to stay awake to write; especially when one is constantly thinking of their soft pillow and their firm mattress.

Also, if we want our blog to grow, we have to put in a lot of effort into our blogging (There is no getting around that).

Sunday, 4 October 2015

A Hot EDM Classic From ATB

(Photo credit: Facebook)
Those who are lovers of electronic dance music are quite familiar with the name, ATB (After all, he is a very popular DJ and producer).

One of the classic dance tracks that I like from this German celebrity is: Could You Believe.

Although this dance track was released way back in 2010, I genuinely believe that it can still make party-people from around the world dance (Hmm. I would like to get my hands on a 2015 remix version of this dance track; that is provided one is in existence).

Anyway, ATB was always one of those DJs who produced leading edge dance music and he is still in demand in the entertainment business.

Also, it is amazing to discover that his old dance tracks still sounds fresh (Which means, ATB was ahead of his time).

Without further ado, here is the official video for ATB's, Could You Believe. Enjoy!

A Cool Classic From The Zombies

The Zombies
The Zombies
(Photo credit: Facebook)
I am not ashamed to admit that I like to listen to music that is actually older than I am. There are times when I do surprise my friends by playing music from the sixties era and one of my favourite songs from that time period happens to be She's Not There by The Zombies.

The song, She's Not There, was written by Rod Argent.

By the way, this song was big back in 1964.

I would like to dedicate this cool-sounding jazz rock song to all of those lovely people who visit The Chronicles Of Renard on a regular basis. Enjoy!