Saturday, 29 August 2015

A Hot EDM Track From Tommy Trash

Tommy Trash
Tommy Trash
(Photo credit: Facebook)
Those of us who are into the genre of electronic dance music knows that Tommy Trash does not disappoint; he is always coming out with great-sounding dance hits.

One of the dance tracks that I like from this Australian DJ and producer is: Wake The Giant; which features the British-American singer, songwriter, arranger and producer, JHart.

What I like about the dance track Wake The Giant is, that the vocals are flawless and the music is infectious; it keeps the listener deeply captivated with every note (And, that is perfect for a club setting).

DJs around the world can make people move by simply playing this track.

Tommy Trash's music is on Armada Music — the record label that has earned the respect of the dance community.

Here is the official video for Tommy Trash's, Wake The Giant; featuring JHart. Enjoy!

Are Blogging Groups Really Beneficial?

Question Mark
Question Mark
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Today, there are more blogging groups on the internet than we could ever count (And, they are available on all of the popular social media).

Those of us who are members of a blogging group (or groups) would know that no two are alike since their rules differ.

The most interesting thing is: that some people think that blogging groups are a waste of time, while there are others who have sworn that they acquired more views when they joined the blogging group (or groups).

The Advantages Of Being In A Blogging Group

One of the main advantages of being in a blogging group is, that you are granted the opportunity of sharing your blog posts with all of the community members of the blogging group (Whether or not, the members of the blogging group are interested in your blog post is in itself a different story).

Some blogging groups are so saturated with blog posts that a large portion of the contributions go unnoticed (But thankfully, there are always a small percentage of people who make it their priority to read our posts).

I genuinely believe that a handful of readers are way better than having no readers; so blogging groups do provide an avenue that allows the blog posts of bloggers to be recognized.

If all of the blogging group's members are fully supportive of each other, everyone within the blogging group will have a positive experience.

Highly Vigilant And Very Disciplined Group Administrators Have The Most Successful Blogging Groups

People love and respect a group administrator who enforces the rules of the group.

On many occasions, I have seen pornography in a few of the blogging groups on Google Plus and I wanted to know if the people who were assigned to moderating the group were on strike.

As far as I am concerned, anyone who violates the group's rules for the first time should be given a stern warning (via email to avoid public embarrassment) and if the member violates the group's rules a second time around, they should be expelled from the blogging group.

Most importantly, highly vigilant and very disciplined group administrators will easily spot transgressors (And, that is a good thing; because if a member of a blogging group committed an atrocity once and they noticed that they were not reprimanded, they may get the impression that they can get away with figurative murder and will attempt to break the blogging group's rules again).

A lawless blogging group is not one that you would want to be a part of; since anything goes.

Therefore, all of its members (including the blog administrator) needs to be have a high level of discipline.

I like being in a blogging group where all of its members are highly disciplined.

What about you?

Group Administrators Need To Make Every Member Feel As Though They Belong

My friend, Tara Woodruff — the group administrator for The Blog Exchange Syndication Group on Facebook, welcomes every new member to the group; which is something that few group administrators actually do.

All bloggers would no doubt, appreciate a very warm welcome from the blogging group's administrator.

After all, we are human beings and not just another number (Even though we might be the six-hundred and seventy-fifth person to join the blogging group).

From a psychological point of view, members who feel appreciated will contribute more to the blogging group that they are a part of.

All Blogging Groups Have Their Proverbial Dead Weight

Those of us who are members of a blogging group (or groups) might have noticed that the blogging group (or groups) that we are are part of has hundreds or even thousands of members; yet only a handful of those members truly participate.

You have probably wondered: "What happened to the rest of its members? Did they drown during the last tsunami?"

The truth is: that large number is really a deceptive one; since a large percentage of those people no longer blog and have not visited the blogging group in months (or in some instances, they have been absent from the blogging group for quite a number of years); therefore we should not be fooled by large numbers; we need to look at the number of people who are participating regularly in the group (And, if the number happens to be a very small one, the group administrator would need to come up with innovative methods of recruiting new members).

If few people are participating in the blogging group that you are a part of, the traffic to your blog from that blogging group would be at a minimum level.

What the heck! We do not want minimum traffic towards our blog; we want maximum traffic!

There Are Bloggers Who Are Doing Tremendously Well Without Being A Member Of A Blogging Group

Yes, it is true; there are bloggers who are doing quite well without the help of blogging groups (The thought of joining a blogging group never crossed their mind).

These people have managed to develop a loyal following of people who love their blog.

My blog, The Chronicles Of Renard did rather well before I joined some blogging groups (And, it is still doing well even though I am currently a member of a few blogging groups).

Now, I am in no way ungrateful for the additional readership that I have acquired through blogging groups; I am merely highlighting the fact, that The Chronicles Of Renard already had a level of popularity before I joined those blogging groups.

Once you have that unwavering support from your own blogging community, there is a very high chance of your blog doing tremendously well without being a member of a blogging group (Or groups).

Also, if you are getting more support from your own blogging community than your blogging group (or groups), it would be wise to remove yourself from the blogging group (or groups) that you are a part of.

By the way, I am tired of hearing about how blogging groups did not work out well for some bloggers; the truth is: blogging groups are not bad; it is just that they have not found the right blogging group (And, finding the right blogging group can be somewhat time-consuming; but not impossible to find).

Anyway, an example of some types of blogs that thrive well without joining blogging groups are those that deal with fashion, entertainment news and current events.

And, even though blogging groups can help bloggers achieve a greater level of popularity on the world wide web, it is not mandatory to join them (It is something that we bloggers do out of our free will).

As a matter of fact, some of you who are reading this, have a successful blog in cyberspace and you are not even a member of a blogging group.

What Are The Telltale Signs Of A Really Good Blogging Group?

In most instances, if you are in a good blogging group, you would have noticed the following:

• You would have learned something priceless — something that once applied could enhance your blogging skill.

• You would have noticed that the members of the blogging group are eager to get to know each other.

• You would have noticed that they enjoy sharing each other's blog posts via their favourite social media.

• It would be quite apparent to you, that the members within the blogging group are genuinely interested in each other's advancement; therefore they are willing to help each other out any way that they can.

• The members of the blogging group are concerned about the group's longevity; as a result of this, they are always recommending the blogging group to friends of theirs who are exceptional bloggers with the hopes of them joining the blogging group.

• You would have noticed that the majority of its members are active participants of the blogging group.

What Are The Telltale Signs Of A Really Bad Blogging Group?

If you happen to be a member of a really bad blogging group, you would have noticed the following:

• The members of the blogging group do not read or comment on any of your posts whenever you upload them to the blogging group and they do not share your posts via their favourite social media.

• No one in the blogging group really cares about who you are.

• The members of the blogging group possess a dog eat dog attitude.

• The administrator does not have an idea of what is taking place in their blogging group; as a result of that, the blogging group has transformed itself into a place of chaos — a place where a lot of the members are breaking the rules openly; because they know that the administrator does not have the testicular fortitude to enforce them.

• Many of the members have stopped contributing posts of their own to the group.

• Members of the blogging group have chosen to post pornography in the thread (or have chosen to leave a whole bunch of links to pornographic websites) and they flood the thread of the blogging group with a ton load of spam.

• You have learned nothing of value from the blogging group, you have lost your enthusiasm and you no longer have a desire to be part of that blogging group.

The Conclusion

Honestly, I think that blogging groups are beneficial; however, they should be of a highly disciplined nature and one where the members of those blogging groups are willing to assist their fellow members by reading their posts, commenting on them and by sharing the posts of their fellow members via their social media of choice.

Although a blogging group can be one of a blogger's best assets; it is not mandatory that a blogger joins a blogging group; since it is possible that they can do quite well without it (Now, do not get me wrong; I am in favour of blogging groups; but I do not think that you should join one out of peer pressure, or because you have noticed that a large percentage of bloggers are joining blogging groups; do it because you want to and as I have said earlier, they are not mandatory to join).

One of the nice perks about blogging groups is: that it helps in the area of getting your blog noticed by a wider audience (And, that my friend is indeed a good thing).

I Love Julian Jordan's "Lost Words"

Julian Jordan
Julian Jordan
(Photo credit: Facebook)
Some of the world's amazing electronic dance music comes out of the Netherlands (Apparently, that region is filled with music geniuses).

Recently, I came across Julian Jordan's, Lost Words (and, it is damn hot); what I like most about this track is, that it is perfect to play at anytime; it does not matter if it is morning, noon or night.

Julian Jordan's, Lost Word's is ideal for the clubs and the radio stations too; since it is packed with that positive vibe.

The first time I heard this dance track, I said, "Wow," and when the track was finished, I played it again (If you are a true lover of electronic dance music, Julian Jordan's, Lost Words would most likely have the same effect on you).

Julian Jordan's music is on Spinnin' Records — the record label that dance music-lovers hold in very high esteem.

Without further ado, here is the official video for Julian Jordan's, Lost Words. Enjoy!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Charlie Puth's "Marvin Gaye" Is A Lovely Song

Charlie Puth
Charlie Puth
(Photo credit: Facebook)
The first time I heard Charlie Puth's voice was on Whiz Khalifa's hip hop track, See You Again (And, back then, I was highly impressed by his singing).

One of the songs that I like from this 23 year-old American singer, songwriter and record producer is: Marvin Gaye; which features the vocals of the voluptuous, Meghan Trainor.

This beautiful song was co-written by Charlie Puth and Julie Frost and it was produced by Charlie Puth.

The song, Marvin Gaye, was once at the number one spot on the UK Singles Chart.

I have a very strong feeling that we are going to hear a lot more great music from Charlie Puth in the near future.

Here is the video for Charlie Puth's, Marvin Gaye; featuring the amazing vocals of Meghan Trainor. Enjoy!

I Love Austin Mahone's "Dirty Work"

Dirty Work
Single by Austin Mahone
(Photo credit: Cash Money Records)
I always knew that young Austin Mahone always had it in him; I knew that one day he would amaze his worldwide audiences with a music track that was worth playing loudly.

One of the songs that I like from this American singer and songwriter is: Dirty Work; it was written by Austin Mahone, Sean Douglas, Talay Riley, Alexander Izquierdo, Stefan Johnson, Jordan Johnson and Marcus Lomax and it was produced by The Monsters and the Strangerz.

I am predicting that the song, Dirty Work, is going to do well on the charts and that this song is going to be one of Austin Mahone's biggest hits.

By the way, if you are into movies, you would have noticed that the song, Dirty Work, is on the Minions soundtrack.

Without further ado, here is the official video for Austin Mahone's, Dirty Work. Enjoy!