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Thursday, 30 October 2014

A Wicked Dance Track From Stefan Dabruck & Tocadisco

Photo credit: Armada Music
Whoa! This is one of the most craziest dance tracks I have heard in a very long time (I love the darn thing); I am referring to Saturn by Stefan Dabruck & Tocadisco; those two German DJs and producers really know how to come up with an infectious dance track.

By the way, their music is on, Armada Trice; the latest division of Armada Music.

Here is the unique video for this wicked dance track. Enjoy!

Are We Too Attached To Our Old Possessions?

Cassettes of varying tape quality and playing time
Cassettes of varying tape quality and playing time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I will admit that there are some old possessions such as jewellery that have sentimental value (And, I don't have to mention to you that they are still worth a lot of money; therefore, it is okay for you to keep those).

However, there are some old items that we need to get rid of.

Some of us have kept some very old pieces of clothing in our closet, with the hopes that one day, they will be back in fashion.

I say, "Get rid of the old clothing and buy new ones." Those old pieces of clothing are not serving you any purpose unless you are into the habit of wearing them occasionally.

If you really think of it in an in-depth manner, some of those old pieces of clothing no longer fit due to the fact that you were a few pound lighter at the time they were purchased, or that they are now too large for you because of your weight loss.

Also, I know of some people who still have their first computer all tucked away in their storage-room (It may or may not be in working condition, but it is just there collecting dust).

If you plan on opening a private museum, it is okay to keep it so you can display it for the younger generation. You can say to them, "This is what a computer looked like before you were born."

However, if you are not doing anything with it, discard it.

Those items that I have mentioned are just a few things that people like to hold on to.

I have known people to cling tenaciously to video cassettes and audio cassettes and the players for them have gone badly years ago and that those players are no longer manufactured, because the technology is antiquated.

It makes me wonder:

Do we have to undergo psychological reconditioning in order to let go of old items? I certain think so; it wouldn't be a bad idea to discus that issue with a well-trained therapist.

If we continue to keep useless junk, we will continue to take up a lot of storage space (And, those who are hoarders of junk never seem to have enough storage space).

When it comes to our old possessions, we need to find balance; we need to come to the decision of which items we are going to keep and those items that we are going to discard.

A Major Drop In Samsung's Profit

English: Samsung Logo Suomi: Samsungin logo
English: Samsung Logo Suomi: Samsungin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Recently, I heard that Samsung experienced a horrendous third quarter; their profits dropped to sixty percent (Wow, that is quite a drop).

Did the South Korean electronics giant do something wrong? I would say that they did everything correctly except for selling their products at an affordable price.

Almost everyone knows that they can rely on the good quality of Samsung's products. However, when customers look at the pricetags attracted to those items, they are deterred from purchasing them.

I think that their Android smartphones and tablets are exorbitantly priced; it definitely makes one look at other brands — brands that may not be well-known, but are affordable nonetheless.
The Chinese are currently giving the South Koreans a run for their money in the area of electronic items.

China has a history of mass-producing electronic items at a low cost and most of their electronic items are sold at a reasonable price.

It is no Rocket Science that people will always want more for their money.

Also, there are a lot of people who live by their self-imposed budgets; therefore, they will not spend their money on unnecessary things.

Is Samsung unaware of the fact that there are lot of people  who work for a minimum wage? Apparently, they have forgotten that!

If you were a poor housewife or husband, would you spend almost one and a half months' salary on a smartphone? No, you wouldn't!

Therefore, Samsung needs to cater for those who are not affluent members of society.

The only cheap Samsung products are those that are outdated and these days, most people are only interested in the latest cutting-edge technology and Samsung's latest line of electronic items are expensive.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A Smooth Track From Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas (Photo credit: Facebook)
A lot of the young ladies have been melting like hot butter for Nick Jonas (Nicholas Jerry Jonas); in addition to his handsome exterior, he is very talented. This 22-year-old American male, is a great singer, songwriter, musician and actor.

A lot of people know him as one of the band-members of the equally well-known group, Jonas Brothers.

Nick Jonas' Jealous, has been getting lots of attention due to the heavy rotation it has been getting via the radio, the television and the internet (And, his fans can't seem to get enough of him).

Without further ado, here is the video for Nick Jonas' Jealous. Enjoy!

Mightyfools' "Shaolin" Is Steaming Hot!

Mightyfools (Photo credit: Facbook)
Mightyfools are a DJ duo from out of the Netherlands and their music is absolutely out of this world; I happen to like their dance track, Shaolin; which has that raw and powerful Electro House sound.

Also those two talented DJs are representing their Dutch label, Spinnin' Records.

The party-goers are going to go insane on the dance-floor when they hear, Shaolin by Mightyfools.

Building A Following On Blogger

This is icon for social networking website. Th...
This is an icon for a social networking website. This is part of Open Icon Library's webpage icon package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
To be honest it took a while for me to build a following on Blogger; the only people who visited The Chronicles Of Renard in its early stages where my friends on WordPress; they were strong supporters of my other blog, Renard Moreau Presents and they were interested in finding out what my blog on Blogger was all about; which is something that I am utterly grateful for.

Today, I am proud to admit that I have gained some followers from within my own Blogger community; let it be known to everyone that I am extremely grateful for their presence and their support.

In the past, I have seen many bloggers fail at blogging here on Blogger; some of them claimed that they were completely fed up of WordPress and that they were making Blogger their new home (In a short period of a few weeks, they ran out of figurative steam and discontinued blogging).

Now, I never gave up my blog on WordPress (And, I have no intentions of ever doing that).

I wanted to start an additional blog and I chose Blogger; it was originally an experiment to see if it was worth blogging on and I have to admit to the world (especially my friends over at WordPress) that Blogger is worth blogging on.

The biggest irony is: my blog on WordPress started here on Blogger and it didn't do well when it was here on Blogger and it only became a success when it was migrated to WordPress (Strange, but true).

However, this blog of mines on Blogger seems to be doing rather well.

I genuinely believe that my success has a lot to do with good human relations; I consider myself to be what is commonly referred to as, a people-person; I am most eager to build relationships with my readers; which unfortunately, is what a lot of bloggers have failed to do.

When they followed me, I followed them back and I saw to it personally that they were given my full support (From past experiences, I know for a fact that Blogger can be a virtual ghost-town; which is why it is imperative that you develop a genuine interest in your followers).

I would also like to let my readers know that one of the perfect examples of a fellow blogger who truly supports their blogging community is my friend from Great Britain, Ray Turner; he visits my blog daily, comments on my posts and even shares some of my posts with his Google+ circle.

He also supports other fellow bloggers of his; people such as Myra, Shireen and Lucie, to name a few (There are others whom he gives his support to of course and it would take up too much of your time to reveal the names of all of those people).

And, the nice thing is: that those people reciprocate the support by visiting his blog and by commenting on his highly interesting and informative articles.

As I have indicated in a past post, blogging is more than just updating your own blog; it is also about supporting your fellow bloggers in the blogosphere and that is done by reading their articles and commenting on them; if all bloggers did that, they would have a fair amount of followers, or a large amount of followers.

So, I want you all to clearly understand that it is possible to gain a following where their blog on Blogger is concerned (It may not happen overnight; however, if they truly gave their fellow bloggers their support, other bloggers would support their blog too. After all, what goes around, comes around).

I assure you that if you develop a genuine relationship with your readers, your blog will eventually get the type of support that it needs and you will attract followers in your direction.

How is your blog on Blogger coming along?

Have you seen an increase in your readership?

Also, did you attract any new followers to you blog?

Six Traits That May Determine If Blogging Is Suitable For You

(Photo credit:
I know for a fact that blogging is not suitable for everyone and that many people enter it without having an idea as to what they are getting themselves into.

Unfortunately, countless people abandon their blogs everyday (And, I wouldn't like you to be one of those people).

Although blogging is fun (well at least for some people), it is advisable that you learn a thing (or two) about blogging before you start a blog of your own.

Also, I believe that persons with certain personality traits are the ones who usually excel at blogging.

1.) You Refuse To Give Up Easily

If by chance you are one of those people who refuse to give up easily, there is a high chance that you would make an outstanding blogger. Why? Because if you are faced with a problem pertaining to blogging, you are going to do whatever it takes to figure out the problem.
Yes, problems do arise occasionally; sometimes there is a problem with widgets and there are times when you may want to customize your theme (or, template as they like to refer to it here on Blogger) and in the process, encounter a problem (or, a few problems); however, if you are one of those people who don't give up easily, there is the high probability of you solving the technical issues pertaining to the widgets or the templates.

In the past, I had some issues with widgets that stopped working and a few minor issues with plugins and I figured out the problems on my own.

There is no doubt that when you enter into the world of blogging, technical issues are going to arise and they usually happen when we least expect them to.

2.) You Are A Highly Passionate Person

Passion without a doubt is one of the most important traits that a blogger must have,  because without it, they are not going to stick with their blog.

The truth is, that a lack of passion for blogging is the main reason why a person discontinues their blogging activity.

Thankfully, I am highly passionate about blogging and I believe that is the main reason why I am still around blogging today.

3.) You Have An Amazing Talent

The God's truth is, that many of the impressive bloggers are talented; they are people who are either talented at writing, photography, fashion, art, or music, to name a few.

Creating a blog to highlight your talent would be one method to acquire some recognition in the blogosphere and also one of the most perfect outlets for the continual expression of your creativity (And, that is something that will work in your favour).

In my case, writing comes easily for me (and I am always writing anyway); so blogging is most appropriate for me.

4.) You Have Something To Teach

A good example of this would be those well-trained (or self-taught) chefs; they would make great food bloggers; especially if they are passionate about their cooking and are willing to teach others how it is done via their recipes and methodology.

And, I believe that many of us are good at something and that we don't mind passing on that specialized knowledge to others.

5.) You Love Interacting With People

Most bloggers I know enjoy interacting with their fellow bloggers, their followers and their readers via the comments feed.

And, as time went along,  they developed relationships with many of those whom they interacted with (This is how some loyal and long-term friendships began).

I love interacting with people and I am proud to admit that I interacted with a whole lot of people in the blogosphere.

6.) You Enjoy Challenges

If you are the type of person who enjoys challenges, blogging may hold a high level of satisfaction for you.

I know that I enjoy a good challenge. Believe it or not, there were times when I completed articles and I didn't have a draft for them; I merely typed away on the keypad until the ideas in my head morphed into words, sentences and paragraphs (And, I am always positively surprised whenever I read the finished article; it is one of those feelings that I get when I have created something out of thin air).

And, I am sure that there are people out there on the world wide web who enjoy challenges as well; they might be something of a different nature — things that may fall into the category of art, literature, music, photography, etcetera.

The Conclusion

These are just a handful of the traits that I believe are essential for the making of an effective blogger.

Also, anyone who is willing to adopt the traits that are listed above will have a greater chance of acquiring success in the blogosphere and will of course maintain longevity in their niches (And, the same applies to those who already possess the above traits (Or, have decided to develop the traits mentioned above and have chosen to blog without any limitations of a niche).

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Slacking Off Is Not Allowed!

Gunnery Sergeant Insignia
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Where blogging is concerned, I can be quite the drill sergeant; I want my fellow bloggers to be at their best.

Recently, I have noticed that a few newcomers (and a few of the experienced ones too) have been slacking off. Do they need motivation? Well, I believe that they do.

Slacking off can become a bad habit and it starts with procrastination; a blogger says to themselves one day, "I think that I am not going to blog today." And, when the following day comes, they repeat what they said the first day and eventually it grows into a full blown habit (Yes, laziness is addictive).

If I had my way, I would have punished the slackers with push-ups, sit-ups, running and squats (Hey, physical exercise stimulates the blood flow to the brain, causing a person to be more mentally alert and that is a plus where blogging is concerned).

Why should you start a blog on Blogger or WordPress and slack off in a few weeks', or a few days' time?

Just in case you didn't know, the way in which you handle your blog says a whole lot about you — things that pinpoint whether you are committed, responsible or just a plain old slacker.

I am always encouraging my fellow bloggers to keep on blogging and I even go all the way out to be one of their loyal supporters.

Although blogging is a lot of fun, I do have a serious-minded approach to it; I never take it for granted.

Are you are slacker where blogging is concerned? Or, are you devoted to blogging like I am?

If you have confessed to being a slacker, there is still hope for you in the blogosphere; you can practice with your posts until you get the hang of it (The truth is, that there is whole lot that you need to know about blogging before you master it and I don't expect you to be perfect; you will make mistakes where blogging is concerned. Also, if you make up your mind to give it your best shot, you have placed yourself on the proverbial right track).

And, if you are a devoted blogger like me, I am happy for you!

I Am Angry With Facebook

This is icon for social networking website. Th...
This is icon for social networking website. This is part of Open Icon Library's webpage icon package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It has been approximately two years since I had access to my personal Facebook account; it was temporarily suspended, because I was a victim of some sort of phishing incident. Now, I am not angry with Facebook because the account was phished; I am angry with Facebook because they have allowed people to write on my wall even though the account is temporarily suspended (It is psychologically painful when people write on your wall and you are sent messages and you are unable to respond).

Two years is quite a long period to have one's personal Facebook account temporarily suspended; they might as well deactivate the account.

Currently, I have a Facebook page for my other blog, Renard Moreau Presents and I have refused to create a Facebook page for The Chronicles Of Renard.

Besides, Facebook is darn overrated!

Anyway, the premise to my argument is:

If my personal Facebook account is temporarily suspended due to a phishing attack, other people should not have access to my wall while I am denied access to it.

Another frustrating thing is:

Since I do not have access to it, I cannot delete it (So, it is just there doing nothing; taking up space on Facebook).

In the past, I tried to get on to Facebook to have the situation rectified (But, that has proven to be futile).

I wished that there was some sort of governmental agency that I could go to so I could sort that issue out; however, you and I both know that such an agency is non-existent (Or, clandestine in nature).

Also, Facebook has trapped their users with the hyperbole of their Terms of Service (Oops! That means I am legally trapped! I really got myself into one big mess there).

What are your views on this?

What would you have done if those jokers at Facebook temporarily suspended your account and you noticed that two years have passed and that it is still temporarily suspended?

November Is My Designated Month For Cleaning

Photo credit: Superrad_ via photopin cc
Time has certainly flown and the month of October is almost over.

For the month of November, I intend to start doing some serious maintenance of both the interior and the exterior of the house; that would be done at a comfortable pace; I dislike rushing things.
Also, some people in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago are in the habit of painting their houses, walls and gates in the month of November; the purpose of this is to alleviate the workload that usually comes our way in the month of December (And, God/Goddess knows that I hate getting the place prepared for Christmas).

My motto is: "Start early and finish early."

Now, there will be things that we would only do on Christmas Eve; chores such as sweeping the floors, or vacuuming the place, baking, cooking and putting up the curtains and Christmas decorations.

I always dread the idea of Christmas, because it involves working like a slave to keep the house and the yard in pristine condition (And, eight out of ten times, I am known to get sick in the process).

I refuse to believe that Christmas is about keeping one's house and their surroundings looking picture-perfect.

It's as though people are hypnotized by all of the Christmas advertisements that they see and hear via the electronic media.

I have an aunt who doesn't fall for the Christmas hype and she keeps her house and her surroundings fairly clean throughout the year; I think that she is one of the really smart people — someone who knows that cleaning the house at a breakneck pace is highly stressful.

The irony is: there are those who start their cleaning preparations as late as a few hours before Christmas; they keep going and going like the Energizer Bunny until everything is done (That sort of thing would send me crazy; which is why I am taking a headstart in November).

Monday, 27 October 2014

I Almost Didn't Meet My Blogging Quota

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Laptop on the floor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Earlier on, I made the decision to uninstall and reinstall a particular program on my laptop computer; the process took longer than I had expected (I watched the precious minutes tick away while doing an update after I had installed the program).

Anyway, I had suspected that the program was sending the computer into a frenzy and I just had to fix the darn thing (I am sure that you had days like that).

The good news is: everything is back to normal and I managed to get one more post in.

I would also like to thank all those of you who took the time to peruse the posts on The Chronicles Of Renard. I promise that I would be back tomorrow with some rather interesting posts.

If it is night-time within your part of the world, I would like to wish you a wonderful night and if it is morning-time where you are, I hereby bid you a wonderful morning; similar greetings can be said pertaining to the afternoon and evening periods.

Thank you for blessing me with your presence. Namaste.

Do I Have Google's Webspam Team To Thank for This?

no spam!
No spam! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Wow! I have noticed that I haven't received any spam (My Blogger blog has been free of spam for four consecutive days). 

Many of us are not fond of spam (And, even though it gets trapped in the designated spam area, we hate finding them there).

Did Google's Webspam Team finally work out a magic formula to keep the users of Google's services free of spam? Hmm. Maybe, maybe not; it is hard to say for sure. However, I am utterly pleased that I didn't find any spam for quite a few days.

I am hoping that my celebrations are not too premature, because the last thing that I want is for the spam to come knocking on my door like one of those irritating door-salesmen while I am celebrating the disappearance of spam.

On the other hand, my blog over at WordPress is a magnet for a lot of spam that traverses the internet; spambots love WordPress in the same manner that bees are attracted to nectar (On the bright side, Akismet is doing a wonderful job of keeping them out of my comments feed; which is most important).

Also, I don't believe in luck, so I will safely speculate that Google's Webspam Team was working feverishly around the clock to keep many of us on Blogger free from those highly annoying spam.

Have you seen any changes where spam is concerned? Or, are you still flooded with annoying spam?

It Is Time I Started Using My Treadmill Again

Photo credit: via photopin cc
Today (Monday, 27th October), I discovered that the exercise grounds in Bon Air Gardens, Arouca was in darkness; the tall lights (the same kind of lights that are used at stadiums) were off; under normal circumstances, those tall, bright lights are usually on from late in the evening and they come off at early sunrise.

I planned on doing some early morning jogging (It is something that I like to do before sunrise); however, I had to scrap that plan of mine; for the sake of safety, I decided to walk briskly; to run in low visibility is to risk tripping over an unseen object (And, I don't think that I would like that at all).

I am also a little annoyed that the facility has been in darkness during the late evening and very early morning periods for approximately three weeks (Apparently, there is some type of electrical issue that requires the skill of a certified electrician).

An elderly gentleman who does his exercises at the facility in Bon Air Gardens, Arouca, mentioned to me that he did his workout in the darkness in the past and that it took some months before the lights returned (Now, that is darn insane).

He also mentioned to me, that he doesn't mind exercising in the dark, because he did so in the past; a time when those lights weren't even erected as yet.

I have noticed that a lot of the women stopped coming out on mornings to exercise at the facility (And, I really don't blame them, became they don't feel safe being there that hour in the morning without any lights).

So far, only a small portion of the men are coming out to exercise early in the morning.

When the lights were functional, people would come out to exercise as early as 3:00 AM; but all of that has changed due to the fact that the exercise facility has been under darkness.

I have a treadmill at home; so it is not mandatory that I leave my home very early in the morning with the intentions of jogging.

For the time being, I could boycott the exercise facility in Bon Air Gardens, Arouca, until the lights are functional.

I will continue to do my early morning exercise; but instead of doing it at the facility in Bon Air Gardens, Arouca, I will do it at the comfort of my home on my treadmill.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

One Very Infectious Dance Track!

Photo credit: Ultra Music
The EDM giants, W&W have teamed up with with their fellow Dutch DJ and producer, Headhunterz; together they came up with the steamy dance track: We Control The Sound.

Their dance track, We Control The Sound, can be perceived as a playful audio version of the Twilight Zone; especially the part where the mysterious voice says, "There is nothing wrong with your sound-system. Do not attempt to adjust the volume. We are now controlling transmission."

We Control The Sound, can definitely make party-people move on the dance-floor (It is another one of those great dance tracks that grabs your attention).

People Are Scared Of The Ebola Virus

Photo credit: CDC Global Health via photopin cc
The Ebola virus hasn't made it to The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago as yet (Thank God/Goddess for that); however, many people are in panic mode; they have purchased a rather large quantity of hand sanitizer and they could be seen using it after they have exited a store.

Although it is nice to be prepared, they have allowed the electronic media to instil that fear of the Ebola virus into them. Also, hand sanitizer alone will not combat the Ebola virus.

The health authorities (both local and abroad) have mentioned to us that the Ebola virus can spread through bodily contact and the bodily fluids of those who are infected.

Anyway, I still think that people should research all they can about the Ebola virus from reliable sources; educate themselves about this deadly virus and put certainly plans into place — plans that could prevent us from contracting the Ebola virus.

Another important factor in all of this is, that the average person does not have access to a hazmat suit (Much less, the proper information on how to put it on correctly and to remove it without contaminating themselves; besides, the averages person should not have the cause to put on one of those suits to protect themselves, unless they have volunteered to help take care of a sick relative or family member).

The truth is: there is a lot that the average person does not know about the Ebola virus and until they are satisfied with the information that is given to them by the health authorities, they are going to continue to panic.

Are You A Blogger Who Loses Focus?

Photo credit: Alejandro Pinto via photopin cc
Some people tend to lose their focus whenever they turn on their computer, tablet or smartphone; for example: their intention is to blog, but instead, they find themselves spending countless hours on social media such as Facebook (Too many bloggers have complained that they are too busy to blog and yet they find the time to go on Facebook; isn't that interesting? Well, I certainly think that it is).

For the record, there is nothing wrong with checking out your Facebook account; the major issue here is, that you have set out to update your post on your blog, to only find yourself totally entranced by Facebook and you forget the reason why you went online in the first place.

Apparently, a lot of bloggers are into the habit of doing other things online before they delve into blogging (And, they often lose track of the time).

In reality, we have our lives to live. We cannot be plugged into the internet twenty-four hours a day; therefore, we need to prioritize our time; there is a certain amount of time allotted to blogging (And, being on the internet in general).

So, the most logical course of action is to use our allotted time for blogging wisely (And, spending unnecessary time on Facebook and various other social media is definitely prohibited).

Do you lose your focus whenever it is time for you to blog? Well, you can regain that focus with a little discipline. Update the posts on your blog whenever you have set out to do so; make it your first priority whenever you go on the internet and after you have done that, you can check out your Facebook account or any other social media of your choice.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

I Love Deepend's "Turn It Back"

Photo credit: Facebook
Bob van Ratingen and Falco van den Aker are the members of Deepend; they are two talented Dutch Deep House DJs and producers whose dance music is really a pleasure to listen to.

One of my favourite dance tracks from those guys is: Turn It Back; this track has a very smooth and mellow sound (And, it happens to be my song of the week).

If you are a DJ, Turn It Back can be played at the start of an EDM session and it is also great to play if you intend to make that smooth transition from House Music into Lounge Music.

One doesn't have to be a DJ to have a strong appreciation for this kind of music; everyone is welcomed with opened arms to partake in this genre of music and those who are touched by it are positively changed forever.

People Who Never Saw Their Next-Door Neighbour

Photo credit: snoozeuk via photopin cc
I have heard the tales of people not knowing who their next-door neighbours were; especially some of those people that live in North America and those who live in certain parts of Europe.

In The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, we have seen our next-door neighbours; we know who they are and there are cases where some of us do not like those who live next-door to us; but not knowing who our next-door neighbours are is a strange concept to us.

For starters, we in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago are a highly curious people; if we are new to a neighbourhood, we would see to it that we knew everyone that lived in close proximity to us and some of the citizens are in the habit of sticking their noses into other people's business; therefore, it is almost impossible for us not to know who our next-door neighbours are.
As a matter of fact, many of us are into the habit of looking out for our neighbours; if we know that they are not at home and someone strange shows up in their yard, we are going to personally interrogate them, or call the police.
So, how is it that some people do not know who their next-door neighbours are? Is it because some people are not interested in other people?

Some people would argue that everyone is busy and that due to their busy lifestyle, they do not have the time to know who their next-door neighbours are; but aren't they even one bit curious in regards to who lives next-door?
What are your views on this? Do you know who your next-door neighbours are? Or, are they still a mystery to you?

Four Ways Of Avoiding Disrespectful Comments On Your Blog

Photo credit:
Occasionally, angry people will find your blog and let's not forget the old adage, "Misery loves company." Due to their current mindset, they may choose to leave a really nasty comment within your comment thread with the hopes of starting a verbal war with you; don't fall for the trap by bringing yourself down to their level by reciprocating spiteful words; you are too mature-minded for that sort of puerile behaviour.

1.) Set Up A Commenting Policy

A commenting policy would be a page within your blog that explains to all those who visit it, that disrespectful comments are not allowed and that you expect everyone to behave in a civilized manner, etcetera.

So far, I haven't had the cause to implement it on The Chronicles Of Renard (And, I am hoping that I don't ever have the cause to implement such a policy).

A commenting policy is ideal for those blogs that deal with material of a highly controversial nature (And, that sort of stuff is known to step on the proverbial toes of sensitive people).

2.) Moderate Your Comments

Currently, moderating the comments on one's blog seem to be the norm for most bloggers (And, bloggers who are in the habit of implementing this, don't necessarily have to create a commenting policy; whereas, there are those who have implemented both).

Moderating your comments saves you the embarrassment of you (or someone else) finding disrespectful comments in your comments feed.

3.) Delete Disrespectful Comments

If you are like me (in the sense that you have set the comments to be automatically approved) and a disrespectful one makes its way on your comment feed, delete it! Your blog is not the home for the lowest of the low.

4.) Always Make It Your Priority To Be Polite To All Those Who Comment On Your Blog

As blog administrators, we need to set a good example in the blogosphere; if we are polite to all those people who comment, they wouldn't have the cause to be rude; but if we are rude to them, they would reciprocate the same level of disrespect.

The Conclusion

Being a supporter of freedom of speech, I believe that people are entitled to share their perspectives (And, those perspectives can be brought across in a polite and diplomatic manner).

However, there are those who couldn't care less about diplomacy and may choose to be outright disrespectful; we must be ready to handle those undesirable situations in a professional manner.

If you are running a respectable blog, it is imperative that you keep it that way and never allow hooligans to have a field day with your comments feed.

Can You Blog Under Harsh Conditions?

Photo credit: Emerson Alecrim via photopin cc
The majority of bloggers I know can only blog when the conditions are favourable for them (As a matter of fact, any blogger can blog if their conditions are favourable).

Now, here is the real challenge:

Can you blog if your air-conditioning unit is broken and the temperature all around you is hot? That sort of thing would be a serious challenge for a lot of you bloggers out there; you may decide to resume blogging when the air-conditioning unit is repaired, or have it postponed for when the weather is cooler.

Can you blog if there are loud noises all around you? Many of you would blurt out, "Hell no!" And, you would either look for some place where it is quiet, or you might wait until the noise subsides.

Can you blog with mosquitoes attacking you left, right and centre? In a case like that, many of you wouldn't be able to blog, because you would be busy fighting off those vicious winged insects.

Now, I am not rubbing it in here; I have blogged in very hot and humid conditions. I have blogged when I was heavily bombarded by mosquitoes and I have even blogged with lots of noise around me.

The point I am trying to make is this:

The conditions for blogging will not always be favourable for us; there will be those moments when we would have to make some rather interesting compromises, because that is the way life is; we do not always have things our way (And, if you are versatile enough, you can make the best of any horrendous situation).

If you are truly determined to blog, you would do everything within your power to make it happen; despite the conditions around you.

Friday, 24 October 2014

I Love Don Diablo's "Back To Life"

Photo credit: Facebook
The Dutch DJ and producer, Don Diablo, is a superb musical artiste and he is out with a new dance track called: Back To Life; this amazing EDM track is on the Dutch label, Spinnin' Records.

Back To Life is highly infectious; it is impossible to listen to it only once (When I first heard it, I played it over and over).

I hereby dedicate the video for Don Diablo's Back To Life to all of the dance music lovers on the world wide web. Enjoy!

Bloggers Are A Rare Breed In The Republic Of Trinidad And Tobago

Flag-map of Trinidad and Tobago
Flag-map of Trinidad and Tobago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, it is quite rare to have two bloggers that live within the same area. Although we do have bloggers here, they are scattered throughout the country.

Why are bloggers so rare? And, why is it that some people are attracted to blogging while there are those who wouldn't dream of touching it with an extremely long rod?

For starters, the majority of the citizens of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago are aware of social media; they would quicker join Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because of the fact that they are highly popular.

Even though the concept of blogging is not a new one, there are still those who don't know what a blog is; I remembered explaining to a teenager, what a blog was a few months ago.

Also, although a blog is fairly easy to set up, it takes a certain amount of discipline to keep it active via regular posts (And, the truth is: not everyone is endowed with that high level of discipline; which is why fewer people actually blog).

From my perspective, it would be nice if more people took up blogging; but unfortunately, their interest lies elsewhere.

Thankfully, blogging is alive and well in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (Even though the numbers of us bloggers are quite minuscule in comparison to the number of people that are on popular social media).

Analysing Blogging With A Mind Of Gratitude

Photo credit: Janitors via photopin cc
I am very grateful to all of those people who have followed my blog and especially those who have visited it on a regular basis (Because, not everyone who follows my blog visits it regularly).

Let it be known that I am not angry with those who have followed my blog for some reason or the other and have chosen not to revisit it; everyone is free to do as they are pleased and I don't think that anyone is tethered to my blog by an invisible chain. If you have chosen to visit my blog regularly, that is fine with me and if you have chosen to visit my blog once in a while, that is also fine with me; the same sentiments goes out to those who have made the decision not to visit my blog again.

If one's soul purpose is, to blog with the intentions of becoming very popular instead for the love of blogging in itself, they are going to be sadly disappointed, because it is one's genuine love for blogging that fuels their desire to carry on the pleasurable act of blogging and the truth is: popularity is very hard to come by in the blogosphere; they may become somewhat disillusioned if they discovered that a few people or worse case scenario being, that no one is really interested in their blog. So, isn't it better to blog because it is your main desire to blog out of the love for it?

Well, it is no big secret that I enjoy blogging and that I have a genuine appreciation for my fellow bloggers.

I haven't grown tired of blogging (And, I don't think that I would ever be).

Blogging on Blogger has been challenging and special thanks to my friends over on WordPress for supporting my blog here on Blogger; which is something that I will always remember.

Most Bloggers Use Social Media

Photo credit: Rosaura Ochoa via photopin cc
Do you know of any blogger who doesn't use social media? In my case, I don't know of any; but just because I don't know of any, it doesn't mean that there aren't bloggers around that don't use social media.

Most of us who started blogging probably utilized social media like Facebook and Twitter with the intentions of promoting our blog.

And, there are a large number of us who have been participating in various incarnations of social media before we started blogging (So, it was only natural for us to share our posts on the social media that we were a part of).

It think that it would be very rare in this day and age for someone to own a blog and not participate in social media.

Although it is not necessary to be a member of any social media; or to utilize it for the purpose of promoting one's blog, I have a strong feeling that there are those people who are quite contented with blogging alone.

What are your views on this? Do you think that it is possible for a blogger not to partake in the activities of social media? Or, is the temptation of joining social media such as Facebook and Twitter too tempting?