Monday, 2 March 2015

U2 Does It Again With "Every Breaking Wave"

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For the record, I am a big fan of the Irish rock band, U2; I love their trademark song and their lead singer, Bono has a unique style of singing that is easiy recognizable to his fans.

Wow, they have been together as a band since 1976 and they are still going strong as ever!

U2's Every Breaking Wave is, the second track from off of their thirteenth studio album, Songs of Innocence.

Do you know that song of theirs was originally intended to be on their 2009 studio album, No Line on the Horizon?

For some reason, they chose not to release it back then.

The co-producer for that song, Ryan Tedder made a few changes to the song when he came on board to work on this musical project; he introduced a new chorus melody and moved the old one to the song's bridge (Great thinking, Ryan).

The other producers for this song are: Danger Mouse and Declan Gaffney.

The songwriters for Every Breaking Wave are no other than, Bono and The Edge.

Without further ado, here is the video for U2's, Every Breaking Wave. Enjoy!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Renard's Cool Perspective On Blogging

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How is your blogging journey coming along? Are you enjoying it, or do you wish to throw in the proverbial towel?

I sincerely hope that you enjoy venturing into this whole blogging process.

Also, some of you know how I feel about people abandoning their blogs; I dislike it very much!

Although blogging may not be suitable for everyone, I recommended that you try your very best with your blog before discarding it (Only God alone knows the real figure of people that abandon their blogs annually).

Blogging Can Be Intimidating For The Newcomer

On numerous occasions, I have read about the experiences of those who jumped into the blogging arena for the first time in their lives; what many of them have issues with is: filling the blank screen that is in front of them; they often scratch their heads asking themselves, "Hmm. What shall I write?" That thing known as Writer's Block, haunts them like a naughty ghost from a very creepy haunted house. But, many of them are unaware of the fact that they are capable of banishing that unwanted ghost forever.

Make Writing A Habit Of Yours

Get into the habit of writing; the more that you do it, is the easier that it gets for you (The only major issue with this is: that you must be in the mood to write; because if you are not, it would be akin to carrying a horse to a stream of water and demanding that he or she drinks the water that is in front of him or her; any person with a bit of common sense would know off the bat, that the horse would only drink the water in front of them if they are thirsty; it is the same with writing; it would be useless to try and write anything if you are not in the mood to write; the desire to write, must come naturally).

Besides, it is a known fact that people build aversions to things that they are forced to do (Do not force yourself to write, because that would be very counterproductive).

If you wish, you can keep a notepad by your bedside; which would come in very handy to write in whenever you feel inspired to write.

Learn All You Can About Blogging

Too many people have made the horrible mistake of starting a blog without ever having an idea as to what they were getting themselves into.

Would you attempt to fly an aeroplane without having the knowledge of flying it? Most likely, you would not even fathom such a thing and even though you might be lucky to get the plane off of the ground, you would end up crashing it shortly after; dear friend, it is the same with blogging; if you continue to blog without knowing at least the basics of blogging, your blog is going to eventually crash to the ground and burn.

There Are People Who Are Capable Of Putting You On The Right Track

It should not come as a big secret that there are people on the world wide web, who really know a lot about blogging and they are capable of putting you on the right track.

Who are some of those people?

They are as follows: Adrienne Smith, Brent Jones, Kevin Duncan and Sue Anne Dunlevie (There are many more fabulous people who can teach you a whole lot about blogging; but those are the names that I can easily rattle out from the top of my head).

If you want to be proficient at something, it would be in your very best interest to devote some time into it (And, I am indirectly suggesting that you should learn about blogging if you want your blog to make an impact in the blogosphere; if you have no desire whatsoever to do that, you are letting a fruitful opportunity slip by).

What Is Your Reason For Starting A Blog In The First Place?

Successful bloggers have things planned out; they know the reason why they want to blog and also what their blog is going to be all about.

Do you have things planned out for your blog?

Do you know what your blog is going to be about?

If you could answer those two questions, I would say to you, "You are halfway there."

To not have things planned out for your blog and to not know what your blog is going to be all about is like throwing darts in the dark and hoping that a dart or two lands on the dartboard; which in my opinion is: absolute craziness.

Would you start a business without any sort of planning?

Would you start a business without knowing what that business was all about?

The answer to both questions are an obvious, "No!"

Pass On What You Have Learned

When you have developed a proficiency in regards to blogging, I would advise that you pass on that knowledge to other bloggers on the world wide web; they would be very grateful for it.

Remember, they were once like you; there was that period in their life when they wanted to learn about blogging and luckily, there was someone (or some people) on the internet who shared a wealth of useful information about blogging with the masses.

Unfortunately, there are some people who hoard all of the knowledge for themselves; they do not have a desire to share that wealth of information about blogging with other people (I consider them to be the very stingy ones).

I am happy with the fact, that I love to share; if I came across a very impressive blogger who I know is capable of enlightening my readers, I would share that information with my readers; I am not going to think, "Damn. That blogger is really good; they are even better than I am, so I am not going to tell others about that person, or their blog. My readers might abandon me and start following them." Hey, only insecure people think like that and thankfully, I am not an insecure blogger.

I genuinely believe that knowledge was meant to be circulated among everyone.

Do you feel the same way about knowledge? Oh, I have a very strong feeling that many of you do.

And, for the record, I would continue to share what I have learned with all of my readers; what I have learned, I want you to become fully aware of it; so you can have the opportunity of learning it too.

Are you the type of person who likes to share worthwhile information with others? Or, are you the very stingy type of person who withholds useful information from others?

Why Am I So Anxious For You To Learn About Blogging?

For starters, you would know what you are doing and people who know what they are doing, carry about their work and themselves in a very confident manner and it brings them success; which is why, I want all of my fellow bloggers, to be knowledgeable about the art of blogging and to be very confident in their approach to blogging (Usually, blogging does not bite, but it would bite you like a vicious animal if you go about it the wrong way; that dear friend was my philosophical way of saying, "If you know nothing about blogging, it is going to backfire on you in the form of failure." Do not let blogging backfire on you in the form of failure; make a conscientious effort to learn everything that you can about blogging; your survival in the blogosphere depends on it).

Why Would A Personal Blogger Such As Myself Approach Blogging With A Serious Mindset?

I approached blogging with a serious mindset, because I want to be a better blogger in general.

Also, I could never tell if I might find myself doing a business-related blog in the future (And, one cannot fall short where business-related blogs are concerned; to fall short is: to experience an instant demise of one's businesses-related blog).

We Are Constantly Creating Our Online Reputation

Believe it or not, we are always creating an online reputation by the things that we post on our blog, the way in which we carry about ourselves online and our blogging pattern (whether or not, if we are the type of bloggers that blog with a schedule, or bloggers that post in an irregular manner).

Do you have a reputation as the blogger who does not know what he or she often writes about?

Or, do you have the reputation as a blogger who knows everything about their topic and is quite the beneficial blogger to his or her blogging community?

Do you have an online reputation as a slacker; a blogger that is always making excuses as to why he or she is unable to update their blog?

Or, do you have the reputation as a blogger who posts regularly?

Are you known as someone who supports their fellow bloggers in the blogosphere?

Or, do you have the reputation as someone who just posts articles and do not make the time or the effort to support other bloggers in the blogosphere?

Is your online reputation as a blogger, one that you (and others) can be proud of?

I Like Encouraging Others To Blog And To Keep On Blogging

The sad truth is: there are a lot of bloggers in the blogosphere who need some type of motivation to continue blogging; because some of them have filled their minds with doubts; they doubt their ability to come up with fresh material on a regular basis and they also have doubts that there are people who are truly interested in what they post.

I have made it a regular habit of mine, to visit the blogs of others, read what they have posted and comment on what they have posted; they need to know that someone is genuinely interested in their blog; I let them know that I am interested in what they posted and it lets them know that they are not alone in the blogosphere and that, dear friend, gives them the impetus to carry on.

Do you ever go the extra mile to support other bloggers in the blogosphere?

I want you to know that bloggers who support others, receive the support from their fellow bloggers; think of it as, "What goes around, comes around."

The Conclusion

There is more to blogging than what what meets the eye (And, many of the newcomers to blogging have learned that the hard way, by not making the effort to research what they were getting themselves into).

The nice thing about blogging is: even though you went into it blindly, there are those people that know how to guide you along the lines of blogging in a successful manner.

Also, make it your priority to share what you have learned about blogging with others (Because, there were other bloggers who were more than willing to share what they learned with you).

Always show a genuine interest in other bloggers and their blogs; since some of the most important aspects of blogging involves: supporting others and building a supportive blogging community (So, please take that into serious consideration).

And remember that, there is always a blogger (or bloggers) who need your support.

Another thing to take into consideration too is: that you are constantly creating your online reputation by the nature of the posts that you blog about, the way that you carry about yourself online and your blogging pattern (whether or not, you are the blogger that is disciplined enough to blog with a schedule, or if you are a blogger who is in the habit of posting in an irregular manner).

The blogosphere would be a much more wonderful place for all bloggers to be, if all bloggers were highly supportive of each other (But, you and I know that is not the case; even though that there are bloggers who are supportive of each other, there are those who are simply into it for self-gratification and also to compete with other bloggers that are within their niche).

Hopefully, in the very near future, the number of supportive bloggers would be way larger than it is today.

The competitive blogger will not last very long, because of the fact that their intentions are to do better than everyone else; that tends to exude a negative type of vibe that most bloggers hate.

The choice is yours, dear friend; you can be a very supportive blogger, or the type of blogger who is highly competitive and wants to smash all other bloggers down flat to the ground, so they can be at the number one spot.

I have chosen to be the very supportive blogger from day one and I intend to stay that way.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Sue Anne Dunlevie: The Woman Behind "Successful Blogging"

Sue Anne Dunlevie
Sue Anne Dunlevie
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Sue Anne, is one of the sweetest and smartest bloggers that you would ever come across on the internet; her blog, Successful Blogging would open your eyes up to a whole new way of doing blogging.

When this brilliant-minded American woman is not writing articles, she takes the time to feature guest posts from other people who are authorities in the field of blogging (And, that makes her blog very exciting and highly informative).

What Can You Learn By Reading Sue Anne's Blog?

Well, you are going to learn a lot of things; which are:

• Methods that you can use to make money from your blog.

• How to persuade someone to work with you.

• And, methods on how to sell your products online without ever being an overbearing jerk.

• You would get an insight as to what are the most useful plugins for your WordPress blog.

• Tips to increase traffic to your blog.

• You would also learn about some SEO-Friendly tips that the experts use to increase their ranking and to boost their traffic.

• And, of course a whole lot of other great stuff.

Who Is This Blog Perfect For?

Successful Blogging, is ideal for all bloggers; whether they are beginners, or well-experienced bloggers.

Every time I visit Sue Anne's blog, I always learn something new.

No, Sue Anne Did Not Pay Me To Do This

Yes, that is right! Sue Anne did not pay me to spread the good news of her wonderful, educational and enticing blog; I took it upon myself to share this information with all of my fellow bloggers, free of charge, because every blogger deserves a chance at acquiring success with their own blog.

There is an old saying that states, "Knowledge is power!" And, I have a strong desire for every blogger in the blogosphere to be highly knowledgeable about blogging.

I  am tired of seeing bloggers make mistakes on their blogs; the kind that could have been avoided if they took the time to learn about blogging.

Do you want to keep making those same blogging blunders over and over? Of course you don't!

I highly recommend that you check Sue Anne's blog out; the website address for that very impressive blog of hers is:

So, don't wait another minute (procrastination can be your  worst enemy), check out her blog now!

The Conclusion

Successful Blogging is a website to cherish (And, I recommend that you bookmark it). 

I guarantee you that you would not regret visiting Sue Anne Dunlevie's blog, Successful Blogging (If you wish, you can also share this information with your friends via your favourite social media).

A Nice EDM Track From Michael Calfan

Michael Calfan
Michael Calfan
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Michael Calfan is a French deejay and producer who creates great-sounding electronic dance music; the track that I like from this guy is: Treasured Soul (The track can be played anywhere and at anytime; which makes it versatile and perfect for all deejays worldwide).

 And, this guy has the full support of his buddies at Spinnin' Records.

Without further ado, here is the video for Michael Calfan's Treasured Soul. Enjoy!

Friday, 27 February 2015

Kanye West Apologized To Beck And Bruno Mars Via Twitter

Kanye West
Kanye West
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The whole controversy started after Beck had won the Grammy for Album of the Year; Kanye West went on stage and asked Beck to respect artistry and to give the award to Beyoncé.

The security personnel who were hired to watch over that event should have watched Kanye West's movements like a hawk.

If you or I were to pull such a stunt, we would have been brutally thrown out of the building by security guards.

Today's celebrities seem to getaway with almost anything.

Oh well, it was nice to know that Kayne West saw the error of his ways and apologized to both Beck and Bruno Mars via Twitter; this is what he tweeted:

Kanye West's Apology To Beck
(Photo credit: Twitter)
Kanye West's Apology To Bruno Mars
(Photo credit: Twitter)
Now, let us hope that Kanye West does not make an ass of himself in the future.