Tuesday, 24 November 2015

"Hometown Glory" Is A Beautiful Classic From Adele

(Photo credit: Facebook)
Adele is one of those singers that the world pays close attention to (She is one of the modern Divas of this era).

"Walking on Broken Glass" Is A Hot Classic From Annie Lennox

Walking on Broken Glass
Single by Annie Lennox
(Photo credit: BMG)
You do not need to be a fan of Annie Lennox to know that her voice is fabulous (Once your hearing is fully functional, you would know, that her vocals are one of a kind).

I Love Norman Doray's "Street Sounds"

Street Sounds
Single by Norman Doray
(Photo credit: SPRS)
Norman Doray, a well-established French DJ and producer in the electronic dance music community, came out with a new hit called: Street Sounds.

The Era Of Tablet Computers

Photo credit: DIY lap stand for the iPad via photopin (license)
I am fully aware of the fact, that there are people who use their tablet computer to blog; however, those who actually came forward and said, "I do update my blog via a tablet computer," are in the minority.

Monday, 23 November 2015

A Hot Classic From Alicia Keys

You Don't Know My Name
Single by Alicia Keys
(Photo credit: J Records)
Alicia Keys is one of those singers that a lot of people from around the world love (And, I can clearly see the reason why; she is a fabulous singer and entertainer).