Saturday, 20 December 2014

Beyoncé Certainly Knows How To Have Fun

Beyoncé (Photo credit: Facebook)
American singer, Beyoncé certainly knows how to have fun; the video for her song, 7/11 is evidence of that; one can definitely hear the musical elements of hip hop and trap in that song of hers.

7/11 was at the number one spot on the BillBoard Hot 100 on December 12th, 2014.

I have to admit that the first time I saw the video for 7/11, I thought that it was home-made; I guess that Beyoncé wanted to try something that was way different from the visual appearance of her high-end videos.

Without further ado, here is the video for Beyoncé's, 7/11. Enjoy!

Busy Like A Bee

Busy Like A Bee
Photo credit: bronwynking via photopin cc
Today, I am going to be so darn busy trying to get things in order (I have been cleaning the house like a butler since November and the more I clean, is the more I find other things to clean; which is totally insane).

Now, with all of that chaos going on, it is most amazing to know that some of us still find the time to blog; especially during the days that are counting down to Christmas.

Anyway, I will try to see what little blogging that I can slip in here and there.

So, just in case you have noticed that I did not blog much today is, because I am busy like a bee.

I cannot wait for Christmas to be done and over with; so things can return to a comforting level of normalcy.

Friday, 19 December 2014

I Love Sean Finn's "All Or Nothing"

I Love Sean Finn's "All Or Nothing"
Disc Jockey (Photo credit:
The music of German DJ and producer, Sean Finn is rather infectious; the dance track that I love from this talented guy is, All Or Nothing; which features the amazing vocals of the British singer, Amanda Wilson.

All Or Nothing is perfect for the dance clubs; the DJs are guaranteed to make the people on the dance-floor move rhythmically to the beat of this highly captivating song.

When I first played this dance track, I immediately fell in love with it.

Here is the video for Sean Finn's EDM  hit, All Or Nothing (And, do not forget that it features the sweet vocals of, Amanda Wilson). Enjoy! 

The Battle Of The Niches On Blogger

Photo credit: floodllama via photopin cc
Yesterday (Thursday 18th December, 2014), I made the effort to read more new blogs on Blogger (They gave me the impression that they were coming out of the figurative woodwork by the minute).

It is apparently clear that there are a lot of people blogging on Blogger; but very few people are aware of their existence (Hopefully, that would all change in time to come).

It is quite evident that some niches are doing better than others.

Fashion Blogs Are At The Forefront

I was not at all surprised when I discovered that the fashion blogs were getting most of the attention on Blogger (It is as though fashion is the hottest thing around).

I have also noticed that fashion bloggers have a way of supporting each other; it is as though it is some kind of fraternity where female bloggers have vowed to visit the fashion blogs of their fellow bloggers.

I also noticed that many of the fashion blogs had lots of comments in their comment section and that they had a large number of followers too (Hmm. Now, I have a greater understanding as to why a lot of bloggers have chosen fashion as their niche; they want to grab a very large percentage of the readership from those in the blogosphere and also from those who are just checking out the latest fashion trends on the world wide web).

Blogs About Book Reviews Were Last In Line

For the record, there are a few blogs on Blogger that actually do quite well where book reviews are concerned; but the truth is: many of them get little or no attention.

Is it that people are losing their interest in literature? Or, that they have no intentions of buying books? Maybe, some people are not interested in literature, because they have poor comprehension skills, or are illiterate and some of the ones who can read are too impoverished to purchase a new set of books.

However, the sales of books seem to be doing fairly well worldwide.

Recently, I visited some blogs on Blogger that specialized in book reviews and I was appalled to notice that the response that they received from their fellow bloggers was dismal.

Music Blogs Are A Give And Take

I also visited some music blogs on Blogger; I realized right away that some of them were doing fairly well while there were others that looked as though no one knew about the existence of those blogs.

Since, we all love music, I would want to believe that music blogs have a fair chance of survival in the blogosphere.

The Food Blogs Have A Moderate Amount Of Success

The older food blogs are doing way better than the newer food blogs (And, that could be because of the fact that the older food blogs were out longer in the blogosphere; therefore, managing to acquire a reasonable amount of readers).

The blogs that specialized in vegan recipes did somewhat okay (Although some of those blogs gave me the impression that vegan blogs were a thing of the past; but you and I both know that is not true).

Those food blogs that posted lots of desserts attracted lots of people who love to eat candy, cake and ice cream.

So, the success of the food blogs had a lot to do with the type of food, or dessert that they posted.

Blogs That Deal With Product Reviews Are Fairly Successful

Well, it is no big secret that all the blogs that deal with product reviews are not as successful as my friend, Shireen's blog; however, they seem to be grabbing people's attention.

Someone is always interested in some type of product that is on the market.

Health Blogs Get Their Fair Share Of Recognition

Blogs that deal with health are known to acquire some recognition; especially those that deal with the issue of eating in a healthy manner and the promotion of regular exercise regimes.

Almost everyone is interested in health; so the health niche will always be one of those niches that would stand out from the rest.

People Love Blogs That Deal With Art And Craft

If you are a someone who can draw, paint, knit or build something using regular household items, an art and craft blog would be perfect for you.

I have noticed that the art and craft niche does fairly well.

Not All Technology Blogs Are Doing Well

Recently, I was browsing through some technology blogs on Blogger and there were many that did not appear to attract the interest of readers (I would speculate that those technology blogs were fairly new).

And, of course, those that were around for sometime were the ones that got most of the comments.

The Conclusion

These are merely a handful of niches on Blogger that I have taken the liberty of investigating; there are many more niches of course.

But why is it that one type of niche is more popular than the other? Probably, it has to do with the level of support that it gets from those in the blogosphere.

Although the fashion niche is highly popular, it is one of those niches that gets lots of support from those who are within the same niche.

Therefore, if the other not so popular niches had the same type of support as the fashion niche, they would no doubt witness an increase in popularity.

In reality, the success of a niche (and a blog in general) stems from the level of support that it gets from others.

Blogs and niches that have managed to build their own blog community (especially, when that community is comprised of a large number of people) will no doubt do better than those that did not work on building their own blog community.

Therefore, it is quite possible for the other niches that are not so popular at the moment to do well in the near future; all they have to do is to work on building their blog community.

Although I do not do a niche-related blog, I worked hard at building my own blog community here on Blogger (And, I can state that is one of the reasons why my blog gets the level of attention that it is getting now).

So, dear friends, it would be a wise move to work on building your very own blog community; without it, your blog will stand a very little chance of survival in the blogosphere.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

One Groovy Track From Ariana Grande

One Groovy Track From Ariana Grande
Single by Ariana Grande featuring Zedd (Photo credit:
Republic Records)
American singer, Ariana Grande has both the good looks and the fabulous voice (She is gifted as well as talented).

I happen to like the song, Break Free; which features the well-known Russian-German DJ and producer, Zedd.

The song, Break Free was at the number one position on the Billboard Hot 100 a few months ago.

Break Free is a nice catchy song with some EDM thrown in and I also have to admit that it was well-produced.

Here is the video for Ariana Grande's Break Free; featuring Zedd. Enjoy!

Do You Ever Miss Your Old Blog Template?

PostNuke themes
PostNuke themes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I will level with you by letting you know that there are times when I have that strong desire to upload one of my older blog templates on my blog (I have it safely backed up in my computer-files).

The thing is: where designs are concerned, I prefer to go forward and not backward and if I go back to using one of my older blog templates, some of my viewers would want to know, what is really going on with The Chronicles Of Renard (Or the blog administrator for that site)?

I have noticed that some bloggers have never updated their blog template since they started blogging on Blogger; therefore, they would not know what it is like to have missed one of their older blog templates.

Some of you are probably thinking, "Well, if you have missed your old blog template so much, why don't you upload it on you blog and put your mind at ease?"

Well, for starters, I think that it would be most appropriate to say, "Goodbye," to that older blog template of mine (the one that I love so much) and stick with the blog template that I am currently using (After all, I cannot go changing blog templates as frequent as I change my underwear; it would certainly make me look like a very indecisive person).

For the record, I am going to keep the older blog template safe in my computer-files; I will think of it as a digital shrine for one of my favourite blog templates.

What are your views on this? If you really missed one of your older blog templates, would you make the decision to upload it on your blog?

Five Benefits Of Being Alone On An Island With Internet Access

Five Benefits Of Being Alone On An Island With Internet Access
Photo credit: Marcus Rahm via photopin cc
There are times when I just want to be by myself; those moments when I want to deeply submerge myself in quietude and not have anyone bother me.

What would be the best place to be away from all of the craziness of life? A deserted island, or a privately owned island with internet access of course.

Obviously, there are going to be some benefits of being on an island all alone with internet access and they are as follows:

1.) You Can Blog Without Be Disturbed

Things do not always go smoothly when you are living among others in a large society of people and we are forever at a constant compromise with others (Okay, that is part of life and I could live with that).

However, I dislike it very much when people interrupt me when I am blogging; it changes the entire mood of my article (Mainly because my mood has changed too).

So, being alone on an island with internet access would enable me to blog uninterrupted.

2.) Friends And Family Can See The Exotic Background Of The Island Via Skype

I believe that one of the perks on being alone on an island with internet access is: that whenever you choose to communicate with others via Skype, they will see some of the flora and the fauna that is native to the island (And, that would look very beautiful in the background).

3.) You Can Finally Write That Book Of Yours

You will not only write that book of yours in peace, you would also be able to research the topic that you are writing about via the internet; because, you have internet access on the island that you are on and the best part being: you are alone on that beautiful island with no one to interrupt you while you are busy putting together the material for your new book.

4.) You Can Blog About Your Experiences Of What It Was Like Being On An Island All Alone

I am sure that your readers would enjoy reading an article about what it is like to live on an island all alone; you can tell them if you craved the company of another human being or not, the type of food that you ate (whether if it was some wild berries that you consumed and caused you to hallucinate), the method in which you used to collect fresh drinking water and how you valiantly fought off those vicious mosquitoes; all of which you can upload to your blog, because the island that you are all alone on has internet access.

5.) You Get To Test The Quality Of The Internet On The Island

Hopefully, you would want to experience a reliable internet service on the island that you are all alone on; but if it turns out to be a horrendous one, you can be the first to tell your internet service provider about it (And, you can cross your fingers behind your back and hope to be compensated for the poor internet service).

The Conclusion

Being alone on an island with internet access certainly has its benefits.

Besides, the time spent alone on the island would be therapeutic for most people.

We all can do with some alone time once in a while.

Thank You For Following Me On My Blogging Journey

Thank You For Following Me On My Blogging Journey
Photo credit: Ian D via photopin cc
I would like to thank each and everyone of you for following The Chronicles Of Renard; it is nice knowing that you took the time to read my articles.

Honestly, I am grateful for every view that I receive.

And, I would also like to say, "Thank you," to all those whom I interacted with via the comment section of my blog.

An Experiment That Turned Out To Be Successful

Most of my followers know that The Chronicles Of Renard was a personal experiment of mine; one that was created to find out from first hand experience, if Blogger was worth blogging on and I remembered mentioning in a past post that it was worth blogging on.

It Was Fun Watching My Readership Grow

When I came back to Blogger, I was determined to approach blogging from an entirely different perspective.

I knew that Blogger operated differently from WordPress and seeing to it that The Chronicles Of Renard acquired a large readership was going to take a lot of hard work.

I used the social media platform to help get the word of my blog out there.

I also posted regularly and I did lots of posts of a miscellaneous nature; since I hate being bogged down by a niche.

Readers from all over the planet started visiting my blog; which obviously meant that they enjoyed what The Chronicles Of Renard had to offer.

Being A Brave Blogger Is One Of The Reasons Why This Blog Took Off

As most of you already know, I am not afraid of commenting on the blog of a total stranger; I would read their post and comment on it afterwards.

Some bloggers grew curious and decided to check out The Chronicles Of Renard (And, I have been friends with some of those bloggers ever since).

I Genuinely Want People To Continue Blogging

I dislike seeing abandoned blogs and I decided to inspire my fellow bloggers with my own unique blogging advice (I am not an expert; but people are highly appreciative of me sharing my perspective about blogging).

As I have stated earlier, I blog about miscellaneous topics and I do not want people to get the misconception that The Chronicles Of Renard is about blogging advice; because I also blog about music, photography and whatever is on my mind at the time (And, people seem to enjoy that sort of thing).

I Support Others In The Blogosphere

I like supporting my fellow bloggers. I believe that if they received support from their fellow bloggers, they would be encouraged to continue blogging.

And, let us not forget about big old Karma; what we put out, comes back to us multiplied (And, since I have made the conscientious effort to support others in the blogosphere, they decided to reciprocate the favour by lending their support to The Chronicles Of Renard).

I Am Highly Passionate About Blogging

Anyone who peruses my articles would definitely feel the positive energy within them; they can tell right away that I am passionate about blogging and that I have lots of fun whenever I am engaged in it; which is what attracted some people to The Chronicles Of Renard.

I Believe That There Is Always Room For Improvement

I am always searching for various methods of improving The Chronicles Of Renard (I am not the naive individual who believes that they have found the right blogging formula and that their blog does not need any sort of improvements added to it); there are also those who love that about me.

The Conclusion

My intentions are to maintain a high standard of blogging, seeing to it personally that people feel welcomed each and every time they visit The Chronicles Of Renard and also seeing to it that many people continue to have fun blogging.

The Chronicles Of Renard did rather well for 2014 and it is a strong desire of mine to see its continued growth in 2015.

Also, I cannot stop thanking you all for your loyal support; without it, The Chronicles Of Renard would be nothing.

LOVE and Light to everyone in the blogosphere!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Do You Ever Question Yourself For Being On Blogger?

Do You Ever Question Yourself For Being On Blogger?
Photo credit: OldMainstream via photopin cc
Without a doubt there are bloggers who are having second thoughts about Blogger; they are wondering if they should continue blogging on that blog site, or if it would be in their best interest to abandon Blogger and join another blog site.

When people do not see the desired results, they begin asking questions — questions that only they can answer.

Doubting Whether Or Not People Are Reading Your Posts

A lot of the newcomers to Blogger have wondered if people are actually reading their posts, or if their efforts are actually wasted on their blogging endeavour.

Now, if you have recently joined Blogger and you have noticed that your stats are low, it should not discourage you, because your blog has not been around long enough for other people to take notice of it.

I have actually witnessed the abandonment of a blog two months after it came online (Hmm. That is a pity, because they never gave their blog a fighting chance; two months may seem like a rather long period for someone who is now getting their feet wet in blogging; but the truth is: two months is a very short time in the blogosphere).

Also, the well-established blogs on the world wide web have been blogging for quite a long time and it took them quite a while for their readership to grow.

So, if you are into blogging, forget all about the overnight success; because it takes time to get noticed!

Believe In Yourself

If you do not believe in yourself, you will never blog long enough to witness success; you will end up quitting.

You have to believe these things in order to see some progress with your blog:

1.) You have to believe that you can come up with great content every time.

2.) You must hold the belief that people would be interested in the things that you post.

3.) You must also believe that you can make a difference in the blogosphere.

 Forget All About Stats And Concentrate On Having Fun

If you are only looking at your stats all of time, you are going to be discouraged; especially if you have recently started blogging.

Instead, concentrate on having fun; because when you are having fun, you are going to stick with your blog and when other people see that you are having fun, they are going to join in too.

Find Other Well-Established Blogs On Blogger And Read Their Content

The purpose of reading other well-established blogs on Blogger is, so that you can see with your very own eyes that it is possible to have a successful blog on Blogger.

Also, you may get to see some of the things that they are doing right; their blog may prove to be a good example of what a successful blog is supposed to like.

The Conclusion

As a newcomer it is natural to question yourself as to whether or not you are making progress; however, you should know fully well that you cannot have the same amount of success as those blogs that were around for two years in a week’s time; you have to allow your blog to blossom like a flower (And, the blossoming of a flower happens slowly).

Also, let it be known that there are very successful blogs on Blogger; therefore you should know without a doubt that if you play your figurative cards correctly, your blog on Blogger will rise from obscurity.

I Write More Than I Actually Post

Photo credit: masmad via photopin cc
Believe it or not, I write a lot of articles in my free-time; some are short and others are long.

And, the things that I write about can be based on any topic.

Although I like to think that I write well, I do discard a lot of those written articles without giving it a second thought (Probably, next time, I will save them instead of discarding them; they would certainty come in very handy when I am feeling too tired to write anything and when I am feeling eager to press the publish button).

I am guessing that if you are also into the habit of writing a lot, you do not post everything that you write.

Now, what if those deleted articles could have been implemented into our blog? Maybe, we would not have to come up with material that often.

Maybe, we have been too hard on ourselves and overly judgemental in regards to what we think is of a high quality.

Also, instead of deleting those posts that we did not think was capable of making the figurative cut, we should have saved them in our drafts to be be reviewed by us at a future date.

What are your views on this? Do you think that those articles that we discarded could have been re-edited and added to our blog? Or, should we be glad that they are gone so that we could start from scratch?

Low On Energy

Photo credit: Ryan Kilpatrick via photopin cc
Yesterday (Tuesday 16th December, 2014), I noticed that a large percentage of my friends on Blogger did not post anything.

I immediately thought that they had taken a short break like I had recommended.

And, even I felt as though I was very low on energy; which was probably the by-product of the Christmas rush and the very hot Caribbean weather.

Tiredness did not keep me away from Blogger and WordPress; I visited many blogs from people on those two blog sites.

I realized that nothing really kept my friends on WordPress away from blogging (It was like any other day in the blogosphere for them).

When blogging is deeply ingrained in you, there is a high probability of you going online even though you are low on energy; however, you are not going to overdo it by spending too much time blogging, because you know fully well that you do not have the necessary energy to exert.

Besides, blogging is not much fun when one is drained of all of their energy. The most that we can do is, a moderate amount of blogging and head for the bed afterwards.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A Beautiful Christmas Song From Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande (Photo credit: Facebook)
Around this time of year, we are guaranteed to hear Christmas songs from popular artistes.

It surely looks as though Ariana Grande has jumped on the Christmas bandwagon and that we would be hearing her lovely voice regularly on the radio and on the television for the festive season.

Most of her fans would know that her Christmas song, Santa Tell Me was released on November 24th, 2014.

Well, I do not have to mention that Ariana's voice is absolutely amazing; she handles herself skilfully as she plays around with her vocal range.

Santa Tell Me is about her disappointment in Santa for not visiting her and not granting her wish (Hmm. Did Ariana Grande end up on Santa's naughty list? I will just have to email Santa to find out).

Here is the video for her song, Santa Tell Me. Enjoy!

Blogging Is Very Much Alive

Photo credit:
Some bloggers have been wondering if they should continue blogging, because they are not seeing the kind of traffic that they had anticipated.

While some may think that is a dying art, I believe that blogging will always live on.

However, the real issue is: how many people that started a blog are going to stick with it?

Also, not everyone is into blogging fulltime.

People Are Always Searching The Internet For Information

More people than you or I could ever imagine are always doing searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo (or, whichever search engine that tickles their proverbial fancy); a large percentage of them are looking for solutions to their problems online and there is the chance of someone's blog showing up among the listings provided by the search engine.

What most of us have not really considered is: are people searching for the type of things that are in relation to what we have posted?

Businesses Are Interested In Blogs

If blogging was dying, many businesses would refuse to go into the direction of blogging (And, there are many business blogs on the world wide web).

It is just that where personal blogs are concerned, a lot of the blog administrators are not fully committed to their blogs; they are here today and gone tomorrow (And, that could give some people the wrong impression about blogging; they may think that it is something that had its time and is not worth getting into; no wonder some people think that blogging is dying, or dead).

It Takes Time For A Blog To Take Flight

Some people have the impression that they could start a blog today and have millions of readers by tomorrow (Sorry, it does not work that way).

Once done correctly, your blog starts gaining recognition and as time goes along, you will acquire a readership; it would be small at first; but it will certainly grow if you keep posting material that is of a very high quality.

Encourage More People To Blog

People would quicker ask others to follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, etcetera.

But, no one really encourages anyone to start a blog on Blogger or WordPress and come up with the proposal of following each other via the blogging platforms (Hmm. It is a brilliant idea to get more people to blog; but no one on the face of the Earth goes out of their way to ask others to go on the internet and join a blog site and start a blog of their own).

Despite the lack of encouragement from others to blog, a lot of people have taken it upon themselves to create a blog on one of the popular blog sites (Another sign that blogging is alive).

An Observation

People of all ages blog and they blog about everything under the Sun; I would know that, because I am always perusing other people's blog.

And, from what I have seen, the internet is filled with blogs (There is no lack of blogs at the moment and that too is evidence that blogging is alive).

Bloggers Are Getting Innovative

I have noticed that some bloggers have taken their blogs to a whole other level by uploading their vlogs to their blogs (So, even though vloogging is more acceptable among the modern folks, they are more or less, sharing their vlogs via their blogs; which gives it that added boost.

Believe That Your Blog Can Survive In The Blogosphere

Once you stop believing in your ability to blog, you start doing things that sabotage the longevity of your blog; for example: things like taking your blog for granted and the blatant refusal to update your posts.

And, even though you have subconsciously (or willingly) killed off your own blog, there are countless other active blogs out there on the world wide web, just waiting there to be looked at.

However, if you maintained the strong belief in yourself and in your blog, you would be in a good position to witness the longevity of your blog (And, your regular readers would be aware of that too).

The Dissemination Of Blogs Via Social Media

If blogs were dead, they would not be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest (To name a few).

Since most blogs are shared via social media, the most logical conclusion is, that blogging is still alive.

The Conclusion

If we paid attention to the naysayers, we would wrongfully believe that blogging is dead.

The truth is: blogging is alive and there will always be an audience for it.

Monday, 15 December 2014

A Classic Jam From Floetry

Single by Floetry (Photo credit:
Floetry were really big; they made their mark in the music industry from 1997 to 2007.

Back in 2003, this British female duo had us drooling over their song, Say Yes.

That beautiful Neo Soul song of theirs managed to climb to the twenty-fourth spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2003.

By the way, Floetry's Say Yes, is one of my favourite songs from them.

Without further ado, here is the video for there hit song, Say Yes. Enjoy!

Wow, Kobe Bryant Has Surpassed Michael Jordan's Point Record!

Kobe Bryant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The word is out that Kobe Byrant surpassed Michael Jordan's record for points; his latest accomplishment has placed him at third place on the NBA's top list of scorers.

Now just in case you are wondering who holds the top spots, they are: Karl Malone at first place and the second place holder is, the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

On Sunday night (Sunday 14th December, 2014), Kobe Bryant scored his 32,293rd point in a game that was held between two great basketball teams — the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Los Angeles Lakers.

The basketball legend, Michael Jordan, congratulated the 36-year-old Los Angeles Lakers player; his exact words were, "I look forward to seeing what he accomplishes next."

I would also like to thank Kobe Bryant for a job well-done!

Six Things That Drain Us Dry When Chtistmas Is Approaching

Bones In Costume
Photo credit: Bev Goodwin via photopin cc
I think that one of the busiest times on the planet is the Christmas rush and during that period, we barely have time for ourselves.

There are times when I wonder: how do people survive that hectic season without losing their sanity?

One the bright side, many of us survive the madness (But, it is challenging nonetheless).

1.) The Extra Workload

It is as though our workload increases as it comes closer to Christmas (I guess that is why our employers bribe us with a bonus).

But, after mindful contemplation, our bonus is not really a bonus; it is financial compensation for all the extra hard work that we put out.

And, I do not have to tell you, that after a hard day's work around that time, we are left physically and mentally exhausted.

2.) House And Yard Maintenance

A lot of people go through the routines of seeing to it that both the outer and the inner parts of the house are spotless and well-decorated.

Where the yard is concerned, the lawn is mowed, the trees are trimmed and the plants are attended to.

We also see to it that our walkways are free from weeds and that those dark-coloured spots that were created by oil-leaks from our car are removed from our driveway.

3.) Shopping For Gifts

Although we have the option of shopping online, many of us still battle our way through the massive crowds of people to enter those stores with the intentions of purchasing gifts for our family, friends, relatives and associates.

Also, when we do not find what we want in regards to gifts, we enter numerous stores where there are so many customers that the store's employees are unable to give us their full attention; which adds to the delay of us getting what we want.

4.) Shopping For Groceries

Even though we are accustomed to shopping for groceries throughout the year, going to the grocery to buy food when the Christmas Season is approaching is tiresome.

The grocery is usually packed with a large crowd of people and the queues to the cashiers are longer than average; which results in one waiting longer than they had anticipated.

5.) Entertaining Our Guests

Not everyone waits on the day of Christmas to drop by; there are those who visit us a week before Christmas (or even earlier); which are usually family and close friends from abroad.

While entertaining guests is lovely, the things that we have to do before our guests arrive are not so lovely; we kill ourselves out to make sure that the entire household is clean and picture-perfect.

We also spend long hours in our kitchen preparing food and desserts for our guests.

After our guests are gone, we clean up any mess that they have made and wash many pots, pans, plates, glasses, spoons, forks, knives, etcetera.

6.) Insufficient Sleep

Unfortunately, many of us get very little sleep whenever the days are getting closer to Christmas. Why? Because, we are caught up with all of the Christmas madness; we are awake, trying our very best to do all of the cleaning, all of the painting, all of the cooking; which is usually done hours before, or hours after our regular work-shift (We are burning our proverbial candle at both ends).

The Conclusion

Everyone agrees that the days before Christmas are hectic.

But unfortunately, countless people are horrible at time management; most of us would never think of allotting a certain amount of time to a particular task.

The truth is: if we managed our time well, we would have more time for ourselves; but for some strange reason, a lot of us prefer to overindulge ourselves in various tasks; especially the ones that pertain to getting all prepared for the Christmas Season.

We may not have control over our workload at our place of employment; but, we can at least take control of the workload at our home with the aid of proper planning.

In regards to shopping and entertaining our guests, we have no choice but to go with the flow.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Classic Jam From The Commodores

The Commodores (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Commodores ruled the Funk and Soul scenes during the seventies all the way through to the mid-eighties.

One of my favourite songs from this American band is, Brick House; for some odd reason whenever I hear that song, I tend to think of the Three Little Pigs (If you can remember the story, the Big Bad Wolf was unable to blow down the third house that was made of bricks).

Besides, Brick House is one of the best tunes that I have heard within the Funk genre.

Brick House is also guaranteed to get any party pumping!

The Hiatus Issue

Photo credit: fabricegillet99 via photopin cc
Would you miss me if I did not blog for an entire day? I have a deep feeling that some of you would miss me and others would not even know that I was missing from the blogosphere.

Where blogging is concerned, I would rather be away from it for an average of ten to twelve hours instead of an entire day.

If I stayed away from blogging for an entire day, I would miss the posts from those who updated their blogs daily (And, that would be a ton load of torture for me).

Blogging Has Become A Habit

I have been blogging on a daily basis for as long as I can remember and the only time I took a hiatus from Blogger was when I had some technical issues (The biggest irony is: I did not stay away from my WordPress blog; I used my Android smartphone to upload posts to my blog on that blog site; nothing keeps me away from WordPress and if there was not a formatting issue with my Blogger app, I would have updated my blog on Blogger like I normally do).

You can consider blogging as, one of my healthy addictions (And, I am not ashamed to admit that to my readers).

The Technical Issue Caused An Unwanted Backlog

During the time-period of my hiatus, I had a backlog of posts to read; which was the result of me following countless blogs; my Feedly reader displayed a large number of posts that were waiting to be read and it took me over three hours to peruse most of them when I was back online (Unfortunately, due to the limited time available to me, I was unable to read them all).

I hate backlogs; therefore, I am not at all anxious to take another hiatus.

I Know That My Blog Is Not Going To Runaway

I am fully aware that when I log on the following day, my blog is going to be there; fully intact.

It is just that I learned a lot from having a blog over at WordPress; the Happy Engineers are forever doing upgrades; which includes changing the appearance of the user interface.

If a blogger at WordPress did not log in to their account for a period of a month, they may encounter some problems manoeuvring themselves around their dashboard when they logged in again (And, that is because the engineers over at WordPress are always changing something).

Thankfully, Google's engineers have not changed the user interface of Blogger in a very long time; so I do not have to learn to manoeuvre myself around my dashboard from scratch in a hurry.

Hiatuses Are Necessary

A hiatus from blogging allows the blogger to recuperate physically, mentally and spiritually (In my case, my hiatus is the time-period of ten to twelve hours; anything more would have indicated that something disastrous, or something of a technological issue had transpired).

It is okay for someone else to take a few days off from blogging if they want to, or as much time need for them to recharge their proverbial batteries.

No one should ever have to reach the stage where they are burnt out.

How Do You Know If You Need To Go On A Hiatus?

1.) When you realized that blogging is no longer fun for you.

2.) When you have noticed that you get brain fog every time you try to compose an article.

3.) You are dozing off in front of your computer instead of typing away on your keypad.

4.) When you realized that what was simple for you to do in regards to blogging in the beginning has turned into a difficult task.

5.) You start dreading the idea of logging in to your blog.

6.) You are seriously considering the idea of abandoning your blog.

The Conclusion

You are not the Energizer Bunny; therefore, there will come a time when you will need to take a hiatus from blogging; whether it is a long one, or a short one, is entirely up to you.

And, if you refuse to take a hiatus, the Universe will force you to oblige by presenting you will computer-related problems, or some other type of technical issue. So, would it not be wise to make a conscious decision to take a hiatus when you see it fit to do so? I would answer, "Yes," to that question.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

I Love Vic Mensa's "Down On My Luck"

Single by Vic Mensa (Photo credit:
Virgin EMI Records)
Wow, I was taken by surprise when I heard this track. Why? Because, Vic Mensa (Victor Kwesi Mensah) is an American Hip Hop artiste whom I caught dabbling with the EDM  genre (Anyway, it is all good).

I must admit that his dance track, Down On My Luck is very infectious (I can listen to that groovy track of his over and over).

I would like to see more Hip Hop artistes stepping out of their comfort zone and getting their feet wet with House Music.

Without further ado, here is the video for Vic Mensa's, Down On My Luck. Enjoy!

Six Niches That Would Always Prosper

Photo credit: CarbonNYC [in SF!] via photopin cc
Although I have no intentions of doing a niche blog, I am quite cognizant of the niches that do rather well (After all, I am forever surfing every corner of the world wide web).

And, if you plan on starting a new blog of your own and you plan on choosing a niche, I can recommend the ones that have longevity; those that have stood the test of time.

1.) Fashion

Fashion will always do well, because people love clothing, shoes, belts and handbags, etcetera.

Most people like stylish things and almost everyone would want to keep up-to-date with the fashion trends (And, they are always changing rapidly; which is why a lot of fashion blogs have a high rate of success).

2.) Food

Food is one of those niches that you cannot really go wrong with. People are interested in food and they love to eat it too.

So, if you happen to be a great cook, you can upload your recipes to your blog.

3.) Technology

Since technology is always moving forward, technology would be a nice niche to choose.

If you are tech-savvy, you can write helpful articles; the kind that help people with computer issues and that explains ways in which to keep their computers running smoothly.

A technology blog also has the freedom to highlight the latest gadgets (And, people love that sort of thing).

4.) Health

Almost everyone I know is interested in the topic of health.

If you have been extensively trained in that area, you can write health articles; ones that would educate people about nutrition and ways for them to remain in good health.

5.) Entertainment News

Most people like knowing what their favourite celebrity is up to.

So, if you are in a position to travel a lot, or you are an intern at a record company, or you happen to be in places where celebrities socialize, you can blog about those experiences; especially if you were lucky to get a one on one interview with a popular singer, musician, rapper, record producer, dancer, actor, actress, movie director, etcetera.

Or, you can start small by highlighting the local talent in your area; which can be done by writing articles about the new and upcoming talent springing up from your town.

6.) Product Reviews

Product reviews tend to go down well with many people; since they themselves have been wondering whether or not, if they should go ahead and purchase a particular product.

So, your post about a certain brand of make-up, could prove to be helpful to the person reading it.

The Conclusion

Choosing one of these six niches for your new blog will definitely capture the interest of many readers and the best part is: those niches never grow old.

Do You Use Yahoo?

Yahoo Headquarters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Many years ago, I had Yahoo as my homepage; back then, it kept me well-informed of current events.

Although people joke about Yahoo being archaic, it is somewhat hard to forget about Yahoo.

I have two email accounts on Yahoo and they function brilliantly; so Yahoo is still at the top of their game where emails are concerned.

However, in regards to their trending topics, sometimes they are impressive and at other times, they are not so impressive.

I also have to admit that Yahoo's weather service is rather good and I use it regularly to view the weather and the temperature in my region.

Occasionally, I would use their search engine mainly to see if they made any improvements with it and so far, I have not seen any (Now, please do not take this statement out of context; I am in no way insinuating that their search engine works poorly; I am pinpointing the fact that, it more or less works the same after all these years).

It was brought to my attention by a technological expert that Yahoo's search engine is ranked as the third best search engine (So, Yahoo is doing something right where their search engine services are concerned).

Yahoo is still around and does not look like they are going to be out of business anytime soon.

Honestly, I do not think that Yahoo's services are bad; it is just that they are being outshined by other companies like Bing and Google (And, people have a knack for going with what is popular).

Five Effective Methods Of Finding New Blogs

Photo credit: losmininos via photopin cc
I am always looking for new blogs on the world wide web and although I have the technological resources at my fingertips, they are not always that easy to find.

When I am looking for new blogs, I use various mediums to find them and I will be more than happy to share them with you.

1.) With The Help Of Blog Directories

There are countless blog directories on the world wide web and it would be crazy of me to list them all.

However, blog directories are highly effective when it comes to looking for new blogs.

Numerous bloggers from all over the globe have registered their blogs with Bloglovin' and it is a great place to find blogs within your own niche and outside of your niche too.

Bloglovin' is the place where bloggers go to find new blogs and interact with each other (So, it is a wonderful place to discover new blogs).

2.) Through The Aid Of Social Media

Most bloggers use social media to help promote their blogs and using social media like Twitter, Google+ and StumbleUpon, etcetera, to locate new blogs definitely works.

Personally, I like Google+; I merely type in the topic that I am interested in and I could bet my last dollar that someone on Google+ is going to post something pertaining to the topic that I typed in along with a link to their post.

I have also done the same with Twitter and StumbleUpon.

The truth is: that it is not hard to do and you can do it too.

3.) With The Help Of Your Favourite Search Engine

I have always wondered: how many people use search engines to locate blogs? Hmm. The answer might surprise you and I; but I will make an educated guess by saying that a large portion of people do; since I do not have the exact figures.

When I am looking for vegan blogs, I type in vegan blogs in the search bar and I get a large list of them and I could also filter the search to locate those that updated their blog twenty-four hours ago, or a week ago.

4.) By Clicking On A Blogger's Name In The Comments Section

Many of us have clicked on the name of someone who left us a comment on our blog and I am sure of the fact that a lot of us have done the same thing when we visited someone else's blog.

Clicking on the name of someone in the comments section usually redirects us to their website or blog.

5.) Ask A Friend To Recommend One For You

Since adding the links for other people's blogs to the comment section of someone's blog is considered as a form of spam, it would be ethical to have them email you the link to the blog that they recommended for you.

The Conclusion

Although this method of mine may be a little time-consuming, it surely works.

By all means, give it a try; I guarantee you that you will locate new blogs using the methods mentioned above.

Friday, 12 December 2014

A Classic Jam From Jill Scott

Jill Scott (Photo credit: Facebook)
I happen to be a big fan of the American singer, Jill Scott; I love her vocal style; which happens to be a wonderful fusion of Jazz, R&B and Soul.

One of my favourite songs from her is: A Long Walk.

Back in 2001, I played this song regularly; it was part of a playlist that I had on a MP3 file on my computer.

Jill Scott's A Long Walk also found its way on Billboard's R&B Singles chart; it climbed to the ninth position.

Without further ado, here is the video for Jill Scott's A Long Walk. Enjoy!

Shireen L. Patt: The Woman Behind "Reflection of Sanity"

Shireen L. Patt (Photo credit: Google+)
If you are into food and product reviews pertaining to make-up and perfumes, Shireen L. Patt's blog, Reflection of Sanity is for you.

I started reading her blog when she was in Malaysia; these days, she is blogging away happily in Canada; her new home that she moved into recently with her beloved hubby and toddler.

Shireen has a wonderful light-hearted approach to her writing (Which is probably why I keep revisiting her blog).

By the way, the first time I visited her blog I could have sworn that I saw Reflections of Insanity as the name of her blog (But, please don't tell her that; she might come looking for me with the intentions of beating me all over my body with one of Canada's finest made baseball bats)

Her blog, Reflection of Sanity comes highly recommended; the URL for her fabulous blog is:

Hey, why don't you pay Shireen's blog a visit? When you do, you can tell her, "Renard sent me; he said that your blog, Reflections of Sanity was worth checking out!"

Eight Reasons Why I Love Blogging

Photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc
We all have our reasons why we enjoy blogging (Which without a doubt, would vary from blogger to blogger).

Oh well, thank God/Goddess that there are a large number of us who truly love to blog.

Anyway, here are the reasons why I love blogging:

1.) I Like The Challenge Of Coming Up With Something New Daily

Anyone who blogs regularly would know first hand that coming up with fresh material for their blog can be challenging; as a matter of fact, many bloggers find that sort of thing to be very daunting.

I am not afraid of challenges and I know that I am creative enough to come up with something new (I have been doing that for so long that I can no longer remember when it all began).

2.) Blogging Is One Of The Best Forms Of Self-Expression

It is no big secret that I love to express myself via blogging. I love sharing with my readers some of the things that I have on my mind; especially my unique point of view about blogging and about life in general.

I genuinely believe that all bloggers are good at expressing themselves; whether its through their writing, art or photography, etcetera.

3.) Making Friends

If you have a lovely personality and you have been blogging for quite sometime, you will eventually make friends (Which is one of the perks of blogging).

If you have never made friends via blogging, you are either an evil person, or someone who does not want friends.

4.) I Enjoy The Technical Aspect Of It

Going through more templates and widgets than I could ever count in a single lifetime, gives me a natural high.

And, I love the challenge of getting them to work in a glitch-free manner with my blog (Even though at times, I spend long moments tweaking them to my liking).

5.) I Get To Watch My Blog Grow

I was curious to see what The Chronicles Of Renard would have evolved into (To my surprise, it did rather well).

And, there is the chance of it doing even better in 2015.

6.) The Joy Of Responding To Comments

One of the most enjoyable aspects of blogging is, responding to the comments made by those people within my blogging community and by those who have visited my blog for the first time.

The comments section of my blog, enables me to interact with those who have commented on my blog (And, it is always an honour to receive comments).

7.) There Is Always Something New To Learn About Blogging

The truth is, that the concept of blogging is forever evolving and I am indeed privileged to be living at a time where I can learn about new methods; especially the ones that have the potential of improving my blog.

It would be very naive of a blogger to think that they know everything about blogging.

8.) I Enjoy Giving My Fellow Bloggers That Needed Support

Giving that needed support to my fellow bloggers is one of the main reasons why I enjoy blogging so much.

Being there for them, visiting their blogs, commenting on their posts and providing them with helpful advice are just a few of the ways that I support my fellow bloggers.

The Conclusion

Blogging is like a bundle of joy for me and it was indeed a pleasure to share with you some of the things that I love about blogging.

If you wish, you can share with me, the reasons why you enjoy blogging (And, I am sure that my viewers would love to know that too).

Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Nice Deep House Track From Low Steppa

Photo credit: Armada Music
Being a true lover of EDM, I am always searching for new tracks from that genre to listen to. Thankfully, I came across this really smashing Deep House track from British DJ and producer, Low Steppa.

I will cut to the chase by saying that for a groovy track, it is rather soothing (Oh well, its BPM is in the mid-tempo range).

Low Steppa's Take Me Up is one of those tracks that is perfect to start a dance session (And, without a doubt, it is one of those tracks that will come in very handy for DJs to play at the clubs).

Hey, I am definitely feeling this track and I have plans on adding it to my music collection; also, I can't wait to hear what my good friend and DJ, Nigel "Sicky" Kinsale thinks of this track.

Low Steppa's single, Take Me Up is on the Armada Deep label.

Ten Tips To Help You Regain Your Zeal For Blogging

Photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc
Unfortunately, there are bloggers who are losing their zeal to blog; they do not feel the same way about blogging as when they first started.

Thankfully, my zeal for blogging has not dissipated; I am still in love with the idea of blogging.

You probably know by now that I hate to see people abandon their blogs and I am forever encouraging others to blog.

However, a person's lack of zeal for blogging has the potential of escalating into blog abandonment (And, you already know what I think and how I feel about people abandoning their blogs).

Now, let us examine some methods that would help you to regain your zeal for blogging.

1.) Stop Killing Yourself Out

Some people think that they are super human; a special breed of human beings who can blog without getting mentally exhausted.

The truth is: you and I have our breaking points; we can only handle a certain quota of blogging at a time and when we exceed the given quota, we become mentally drained.

I have noticed that many of the newcomers to blogging would post articles daily and as time goes along, they find themselves unable to keep up with the pace of posting daily.

Now, there is nothing wrong with posting daily (As a matter of fact, I am into the habit of posting daily on both of my blogs and I enjoy posting daily and if it was not fun, there was no way on God's green Earth that I was going to post daily).

If you are comfortable with updating your blog daily, please feel free to continue blogging daily.

The problem stems from forcing yourself to post daily.

Therefore, it would be wise to stick with a comfortable blogging routine; for example if you know that you can only produce content for your blog two days a week, do not force yourself to blog daily (it would send you crazy) and you are better off blogging twice a week; which is a hundred times better than killing yourself out.

2.) Change Your Attitude About Blogging

Blogging should be perceived as fun and not work; one of the major issues where blogging is concerned is, that the process of blogging feels like tedious work for some people; which causes them to build-up an aversion towards it.

In order to stick within the parameters of fun, never force yourself to blog and to always engage yourself in it whenever you are in the mood for it.

Always remember, that we always stick with things that are usually fun for us and when something feels like a chore, we avoid it like the plague (And, it is the same with blogging).

3.) Read A Lot Of Articles From Your Fellow Bloggers

Believe it or not, reading articles from your fellow bloggers can actually help you to regain your zeal for blogging; because while perusing the content of those articles, there is the strong possibly of you coming across an article that inspires you (The blogosphere is a place that is filled with lots of inspiration).

Also, the process of reading relaxes you and when you are engaged in reading, you do not feel pressured into creating content for your blog; think of it as a worthwhile time out.

4.) Carry On With Your Daily Activities

At times, it is good to step away from the computer, rest down the tablet on the table, or turn off your smartphone and go about your usual daily activities. Why? Because, it is not healthy to be figuratively glued to those electronic devices around the clock.

Also, walking away from those devices and carrying on with your daily activities can be looked upon as taking a short break-period away from blogging.

From experience, great blogging ideas flowed to me while I was engaged in my daily activities (Yes, life has a very interesting method of helping us regain our zeal for blogging and it fills us with bouts of inspiration when we least expect it).

May I also add, that carrying on with our daily activities is better than staring at a blank computer monitor, waiting for the inspiration to come.

5.) Learn To Schedule Your Posts

Scheduling your articles on your blog would enable you to have more time for yourself.

On many occasions, I programmed articles on my blog to be posted at a future date; this comes in handy for those who work at regular jobs, or just want to be away from the computer at a particular day.

The truth is: you do not have to be directly in front of your computer waiting patiently to press the publish button; your post can be programmed to be uploaded to your blog (And, all of that can be done in advance).

I am of the opinion that scheduling my posts in advance to be uploaded to my blog at a future date allows me to carry on freely with my life; therefore, I do not feel the pressures of blogging (And, when you feel pressured to blog, your zeal leaves you).

6.) Do Some Soul Searching

Soul searching helps you to rediscover yourself and during your soul searching process, you may discover what caused you to lose your zeal for blogging, or you might be reminded of the reason why you started blogging in the first place.

7.) Blog At Different Locations

If you are accustomed to only blogging at your home, you can carry your laptop or tablet to a friend's house and blog at their place.

A change of environment can work magic; enhancing the way that you feel.

It is also easier to regain the desire to blog when you are in high spirits.

8.) Live A Balanced Life

Yes, living a balanced life will certainly help a person to regain their zeal for blogging; because if one's life is truly balanced, they would not lose themselves in work or pleasure (Which obviously entails not spending too much time on the internet; therefore, not getting the chance to get fed up of blogging).

From a psychological point of view, imbalances are the main causes of a lot of our troubles (Including losing the zeal to blog).

9.) Associate Yourself With Highly Enthusiastic Bloggers

There is the ancient belief that the qualities of people (whether good or bad) rubs off on us and if we associate ourselves with the right kinds of people, we would be motivated into following their proverbial footsteps.

The good news is: there are bloggers out there on the internet, who are willing to teach you how to unleash your full blogging potential (And, that should be more than enough to jolt one into regaining their zeal for blogging).

10.) Blog Only When You Are Inspired To Blog

Have you ever noticed that when you are filled with inspiration, blogging is transformed into child's play for you?

It is as though you are at complete ease with yourself and you begin typing away on the keypad effortlessly; you are in a tranquil and receptive state of mind; one that is similar to channelling a higher entity and you merely type the first thing that comes into your mind and the finished article turns out to be a perfect one; that is what usually happens to a person when they blog in an inspired state.

Also, I do not have to explain to you what it feels like to blog when you are not inspired; because you already know that the process feels like a very cumbersome one; one that is akin to enduring a long prison sentence.

So, dear ones, it would be a wise decision to blog whenever you are inspired to do so (And, if you only blogged whenever you were inspired, you would never lose your zeal for blogging).

The Conclusion

I truly hope that these ten tips were of great help to you.

It is my desire to see you blogging for a very long time to come and that you may never ever lose your zeal for blogging.

With the right approach combined with the right mindset to blogging, it is possible for a person to maintain their zeal for blogging.

However, if you lost your zeal for blogging, it is not too late for you to regain it.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A Beautiful Classic From Spandau Ballet

Single by Spandau Ballet (Photo credit:
One of my favourite songs from the British band, Spandau Ballet is: True.

In 1983, that lovely song of theirs was at the number four position on the Billboard Hot 100.

Believe it or not, Spandau Ballet's True can still be heard today; it is included in the playlists of many radio stations that specialize in the eighties genre of music.

True, is well-written (and, well-sung too) and I consider it to be one of Spandau Ballet's greatest songs of all time.

Without further ado, here is the video for their hit song, True. Enjoy!